Manitou Wheel Alignment Switch 947823

£360.31(inc. VAT)

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Manitou Wheel Alignment Switch 947823 is compatible with the following models:

  • MT-X1840, MT-X1440
  • MT835, MT1840, MT1440, MT1435, MT1335, MT1135, MT1058, MT1044
  • MRT-X2540, MRT-X2150, MRT-X1850
  • MRT2550, MRT2540, MRT2150, MRT1850, MRT1840, MRT1640, MRT1440
  • MLT-X840, MLT-X1040
  • MLT840, MLT630, MLT1040

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Manitou Group is a French company based in Loire-Atlantique, specializing in the manufacture of handling, lifting and earthmoving equipment for agriculture, construction and industry. Our machines, such as aerial work platforms and mast forklift trucks, are also used in sectors such as aeronautics, defense, environment, mining, etc. With more than 60 years of experience based on continuous innovation, Manitou offers ergonomic and easy-to-handle machines that meet all your requirements, with a high level of safety, comfort, and performance.

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