2024 Pricelist

Terms and conditions

  • Delivery and collection charges will apply.
  • A minimum 2 day hire period needs to be booked if you require delivery and collection.
  • All cash invoices are to be paid prior to the hire start date.
  • All account invoices are to be paid 7 days from the invoice date.
  • All machinery is to be insured fully by the hirer.
  • Longer term hire available.
  • Other machines available on request.

Prices are exclusive of VAT.

Log Splitters

EQUIPMENT:Per DayPer WkendPer WkDeposit
12T Petrol Log Splitter Road Towed£110£180£330POAMake an enquiry

Turf Renovation

EQUIPMENT:Per DayPer WkendPer WkDeposit
Stihl RL540 Petrol Scarifier 15″£75£115£175POAMake an enquiry
Sisis Autorake Scarifier 20″£125£195£275POAMake an enquiry
Classen Turf Cutting Machine£70£125£275POAMake an enquiry
Pedestrian Lawn Spiker / Corer£80£145£185POAMake an enquiry

Grounds Care Miscellaneous

Equipment:Per DayPer WkendPer WkDeposit
Optimal 1100 Tree Spade£345£1,180POAMake an enquiry
GX84 Plant Trailer£50£85£180POAMake an enquiry


Equipment:Per DayPer WkendPer WkDeposit
X940 Diesel Ride On Mower w/ Side Discharge£180£325£495POAMake an enquiry
X950R Diesel Ride On Mower w/ High Lift Collector£190£345£525POAMake an enquiry
JD 1570 Outfront Mower w/ 62″ Deck£255£440£595POAMake an enquiry
JD 1570 Outfront Mower w/ Trimax Flail£275£480£625POAMake an enquiry

Post Hole Borers / Knockers

EQUIPMENT:Per DayPer WkendPer WkDeposit
Petrol Post Hole Borer 4″ 6″ 8″ (1 Person Operation)£50£80£155POAMake an enquiry
Petrol Post Knocker 2″ 3″ 4″£60£105£165POAMake an enquiry

Pedestrian Tractors & Attachments

equipment:Per DayPer WkendPer WkDeposit
BCS w/ Blec Box Rake£130£235£285POAMake an enquiry
BCS Flail Mower – Walk Behind£150£260£495POAMake an enquiry
BCS & Blec Cultipack CP36 Seeder£150£260£395POAMake an enquiry

Chippers / Shredders

equipment:Per DayPer WkendPer WkDeposit
Timberwolf 3″ Chipper TW13/75G£85£150£220POAMake an enquiry
Timberwolf 6″ Trailed Chipper TW230DHB£160£285£560POAMake an enquiry
Timberwolf 6″ Tracked Chipper TW230VTR£185£340£600POAMake an enquiry
Timberwolf 8″ Trailed Chipper TW280DHB£180£320£590POAMake an enquiry
Timberwolf 8″ Tracked Chipper TW280TFTR£205£370£630POAMake an enquiry

Stump Grinders

equipment:Per DayPer WkendPer WkDeposit
Stump Grinder 13hp P360£150£165£285POAMake an enquiry
Stump Grinder 25hp Self-Propelled P460£200£250£415POAMake an enquiry
Stump Grinder 38hp Tracked Self-Propelled P38X£290£490£705POAMake an enquiry

Compact Tractor Implements

equipment:Per DayPer WkendPer WkDeposit
Redexim (was Charterhouse) Disc Seeder 1575 Light Versin£190£335£500POAMake an enquiry

Utility Vehicles

equipment:Per DayPer WkendPer WkDeposit
Club Car Buggy (4 seater)£140£225£380POAMake an enquiry
Club Car Buggy (6 seater)£150£250£435POAMake an enquiry
Club Car Carryall£140£230£410POAMake an enquiry
John Deere TE Gator£175£300£460POAMake an enquiry
John Deere Gator 4WD XUV865M w/ doors & heater£210£350£545POAMake an enquiry

Compact Tractors

equipment:Per DayPer WkendPer WkDeposit
John Deere 1026R 26hp w/ ROPS£165£280£465POAMake an enquiry
John Deere 2038R 38hp w/ ROPS£175£300£490POAMake an enquiry
John Deere 3046R 46hp w/ cab£190£330£545POAMake an enquiry
John Deere 4066R 66hp w/ cab£210£355£580POAMake an enquiry

Articulated Loaders

EQUIPMENTPer DayPer WkendPer WkDeposit
Avant 500 Series£135£270£385POAMake an enquiry
Avant 600 Series£160£300£435POAMake an enquiry
Avant 700 Series£175£330£485POAMake an enquiry

Avant Attachments

Bucket£30£50£75POAMake an enquiry
Tines£30£50£75POAMake an enquiry
HD Log Grab/Timber Grab£55£90£135POAMake an enquiry
Auger Drive 6″ 9″ 14″£55£90£135POAMake an enquiry
Tree Shear (Up To 190mm)£55£90£135POAMake an enquiry
Flail Mower 1500mm (Requires 600 or 700 Series)£75£130£190POAMake an enquiry
Trencher£75£130£190POAMake an enquiry