Minimum hire period of 10 weeks will apply between July and October (unless stated otherwise).
Delivery and collection charges will apply
All cash invoices to be paid prior to the hire start date.
All account invoices to be paid 7 days from invoice date.
All machinery to be insured fully by the hirer.

Prices are exclusive of VAT.

John Deere Tractors

MachinePer DayPer Week10 Weeks+
Front PTO / Rowcrops etc. extra:£165£120Make an enquiry
AMS SF1 (with / without tractor)£115/£170£70/£140Make an enquiry
AMS SF2 (with / without tractor)£145/£190£120/£140Make an enquiry
AMS RTK (with / without tractor)£220/£270£190/£240Make an enquiry
5R up to 100hp£140£545£435Make an enquiry
6R 100hp to 130hp (4 cyl.)£175£710£655Make an enquiry
130hp to 155hp (40km/h)£215£760£685Make an enquiry
130hp to 155hp (50km/h)£245£875£820Make an enquiry
175hp to 195hp (40km/h)£270£975£875Make an enquiry
175hp to 195hp (50km/h)£280£1,050£930Make an enquiry
6R 215hp (50km/h)£295£1,110£980Make an enquiry
6R 250hp (50km/h)£320£1,335£1,200Make an enquiry
7R 250hp to 270hp£330£1,535£1,360Make an enquiry
290hp to 310hp£345£1,545£1,445Make an enquiry
310hp to 350hp£360£1,700£1,650Make an enquiry
350hp to 370hp£415£1,940£1,750Make an enquiry
400hp wheeled£480£1,910£1,760Make an enquiry
350hp to 370hp (tracked)£580£2,585£2,254Make an enquiry
370 – 410 8RX£600£2,665£2,325Make an enquiry

Loaders, Telehandlers & Attachments

machines:Per DayPer Week10 Weeks+
Weidemann Compact Loader 12/13 series£120£355£330Make an enquiry
KT276 – KT306 Telehandler£140£380£330Make an enquiry
KT356 – KT457 Telehandler£165£470£415Make an enquiry
KT507 – KT559 Telehandler£175£485£440Make an enquiry

Attachments With / Without Machine

AttachmentPer DayPer Week10 Weeks+
Man Platform for Telehandler ≤6m£34 / £64Make an enquiry
Muckfork & Grab£34 / £64Make an enquiry
Bucket (35, 50, 60 or 70 cu.ft.)£36 / £66Make an enquiry

Access Equipment (MEWP)

EquipmentPer DayPer Week10 Weeks+
16m Manitou ATJ160 Access Platform£220£600Make an enquiry
18m Tracked Access Platform£260£895Make an enquiry

Diggers & Dumpers

MACHINEPer DayPer Week10 Weeks+
1.0 Ton Micro-Digger£84£275Make an enquiry
2.0 Ton Mini-Digger£94£295Make an enquiry
2.5 Ton Mini-Digger£115£335Make an enquiry
5 Ton Mini-Digger£140£415Make an enquiry
8 Ton Mini-Digger£150£490Make an enquiry
13 Ton Digger£232£695Make an enquiry

Toppers & Mowers

EQUIPMENT:Per DayPer Week10 Weeks+
9′ Rigid Topper£170£555Make an enquiry
15′ Flexwing Topper£305£1,325Make an enquiry
20′ Flexwing Topper£350£1,650Make an enquiry
2.8m Front/Rear Mount Flail Mower£305£1,380Make an enquiry

Trailers & Bowsers (Jun-Sept min. 6 weeks)

equipment:Per DayPer Week10 Weeks+
220 Gallon Fuel Bowser£120£215Make an enquiry
16 Ton Trailer£210£520Make an enquiry
18 Ton Trailer£215£530Make an enquiry
26ft Flat Trailer£120£270Make an enquiry

Muck Spreaders & Slurry Tankers

EQUIPMENT:Per DayPer Week10 Weeks+
Bunning 120 T Lowlander£165£700Make an enquiry
Bunning Spinner Deck to suit above£62£220Make an enquiry
2,000 Gallon Slurry Tanker£120£430Make an enquiry
Bunning 150 T Lowlander£220£850Make an enquiry


EQUIPMENT:Per DayPer Week10 Weeks+
Optimal 1100 Tree Spade£330£1,125Make an enquiry
Tree Shear & 5T Digger£380£1,275Make an enquiry
Tractor Mounted Post Knocker£120£385Make an enquiry
Post Hole Borer to fit 2T Digger£95£380Make an enquiry
Post Hole Borer with 2T Digger£175£485Make an enquiry
6m Grass Harrow With Seeder£310£1,050Make an enquiry