Terms & Conditions

  • Minimum hire period of 10 weeks will apply between July and October (unless stated otherwise).
  • Delivery and collection charges will apply
  • All cash invoices are to be paid prior to the hire start date.
  • All account invoices are to be paid 7 days from the invoice date.
  • All machinery is to be insured fully by the hirer.

Prices are exclusive of VAT.

John Deere Tractors

MachinePer DayPer Week10 Weeks16 Weeks
Front PTO/Loader/ RowcropsN/A£165£120N/AMake an enquiry
AMS SF2 (with tractor)N/A£165£120N/AMake an enquiry
AMS RTK (with tractor)N/A£230£200N/AMake an enquiry
6M 110hp to 130hp (40K only)£185£735£630£550Make an enquiry
6M 130hp to 150hp (40K only)£210£840£715£630Make an enquiry
6R 100hp to 130hp (4 Cyl.)£210£840£715£630Make an enquiry
6R 140hp to 150hp (50k only)£235£840£760£680Make an enquiry
6R 155hp to 165hp (50K Only)£290£945£805£710Make an enquiry
6R 175hp to 195hp (50K Only)£315£1,050£895£785Make an enquiry
6R 215hp (50K)£345£1,260£1,075£945Make an enquiry
6R 250hp (50K)£370£1,575£1,335£1,180Make an enquiry
7R 270hp to 310hp£420£1,835£1,575£1,415Make an enquiry
7R 310hp to 350hp£450£2,100£1,785£1,575Make an enquiry
8R 370hp to 410hp£525£2,360£2,100£1,785Make an enquiry
8RX370hp Tracked£685£2,730£2,335£2,045Make an enquiry
8RX370 – 410 Tracked£790£3,045£2,625£2,280Make an enquiry

Loaders, Telehandlers & Attachments

MachinePer DayPer Week10 Weeks+
Compact Loader KL£155£400£350Make an enquiry
KT276 – KT356 Telehandler£185£475£405Make an enquiry
KT407 – KT457 Telehandler£210£580£500Make an enquiry
KT557 – KT3610 Telehandler£240£630£550Make an enquiry
MT18040 Telehandler with Man Platform£240£600£500Make an enquiry
Attachments with machine only
Man Platform for Telehandler ≤6m£50N/AN/AMake an enquiry
Muckfork & Grab£50N/AN/AMake an enquiry
Bucket (35, 50, 60 or 70 cu.ft.)£50N/AN/AMake an enquiry

Access Equipment

MachinePer DayPer Week10 Weeks+
18m Tracked Access Platform£300£1,000N/AMake an enquiry
22.5m Tracked Access Platform£400£1250N/AMake an enquiry

Excavators (Diggers)

MachinePer DayPer Week10 Weeks+
1.0 Ton Micro-Digger£125£350N/AMake an enquiry
2.0 Ton Mini-Digger£150£400N/AMake an enquiry
2.5 Ton Mini-Digger£200£500N/AMake an enquiry
5 Ton Mini-Digger£225£550N/AMake an enquiry
8 Ton Mini-Digger£250£650N/AMake an enquiry
12 Ton Digger£300£800N/AMake an enquiry
0.8 Tracked Hi Tip Dumper£125£350N/AMake an enquiry


MachinePer DayPer Week10 Weeks+
Tractor Mounted Post Knocker£200£600N/AMake an enquiry

Trailers & Bowsers (June – September minimum hire period of 6 weeks)

MachinePer DayPer Week10 Weeks+
220 Gallon Fuel Bowser£200£500N/AMake an enquiry
14/16 Ton Trailer£200£500N/AMake an enquiry
18/20Ton Trailer£250£600N/AMake an enquiry
30ft Flat Trailer£200£500N/AMake an enquiry

Muck Spreaders & Slurry Tankers

MachinePer DayPer Week10 Weeks+
Bunning 150 Lowlander£500£1,300N/AMake an enquiry
Bunning Spinner Deck to Suit above machine£65£230N/AMake an enquiry
2,000 Gallon Slurry Tanker£200£650N/AMake an enquiry