• Precision Turf provides savings and flexibility for golf course application

    In May last year Stephen at Wensum Valley Golf Club, bought Autotrac™ , a Starfire™ and a display, which he said was a big investment but ‘would recommend to anyone’. Initially, he struggled with the screen but said that with use he has become very confident with the technology. Stephen has also said he has benefited from savings on input costs and time and full flexibility to drive where he wants when he wants.

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    Stephen Curtis / Wensum Valley Golf & Country Club

  • Making the change to John Deere

    “What most impressed me most about these machines was the John Deere Operations Centre. I absolutely loved it! Having the information is a huge benefit for us as we’re able to communicate with our operators and see what everyone is doing, to help each other on the farm and in the field. We are now looking more into the connectivity side of operations on the farm so that we can identify how much fuel is being used and how the machine is being operated, but also to help us teach other operators how to carry out specific tasks. Just that information flow alone is huge for us. Knowing our costs is key and being able to control those costs will make a huge difference.”

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    James Hay / Barton Place Farms

  • A new addition at Ellis Timber Ltd.

    “We recently purchased the Hakki Pilke 43 pro to process our sustainably sourced logs. I’ve not had a machine like this in the past and so far it seems to be a very good machine. I like the auto tension and lubrication on the chain bar and the fact it backs off when the chain gets dull. I’ve been a Ben Burgess customer for about ten years now as they provide a great service and prompt back up when I need it. Can’t fault them.”

    Mark / Ellis Timber Ltd.

  • X9 Combine Exceeds Expectations

    “We have thoroughly enjoyed our new X9 Combine. Its reliability and output have far exceeded our expectations. It is a remarkably efficient machine in litres/tonne of production and has been a pleasure to operate. The technology is there to back up all the machine’s features giving accurate results, feedback and live telemetry that can be relied upon day after day throughout the season. Servicing and daily maintenance are both enjoyable features. There is certainly an increase in daily checks surrounding the header, specifically compared to any of our previous machines but this is hardly a surprise when you consider the amount of moving parts on it.”

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    Harry Harrison / Honingham Thorpe Farms

  • Replacement Cultivator for Family Farm

    Fee and Will Haag conclude a deal for a brand new Väderstad Carrier 925 with Ben Conway of Ben Burgess, to replace their previous machine which has carried out sterling work over the last 9 seasons. The new disc cultivator will set to work on this autumn’s cultivation program at ACJ Farms, covering two sites in Mid and North Suffolk. Will has kept with the Väderstad product, because he is impressed with the improvements made to the upgraded model,his previous satisfaction with the Väderstad machines he operates,and the good residual value the Väderstad brand retains.

    Will Haag / ACJ Farms

  • Norfolk Hire company add new Yanmars to the fleet

    After last year’s purchase of five new Yanmar excavators to join a fleet of 22 Hitachi machines used by Monk Plant Hire, the company have invested in yet another five Yanmar excavators for 2022, this time in Red!

    We caught up with Max from Monk Plant hire to find out more.

    “When we tried Yanmar machines for the first-time last year, we were curious to see how they would perform against our Hitachi’s. We have been really satisfied and they perform just as good if not better than our Hitachi’s and we have had some great feedback from our customers too who seemed to like using them. When it came to refreshing the fleet again this year, it was an easy decision to order more Yanmars. I prefer the yellow paint job on our range, but the new red is different and really stands out.

    Our area sales manager Robbie is always on hand to help us, along with the service and support teams from Ben Burgess who are always there when we call and turn up when we need them. It’s one of the reasons why we’ve stuck with Ben Burgess for our new machines.”

    Max Monk / Monk Plant Hire

  • Grimme Rexor 6200

    Helping through harvest with service you can’t Beet!

    “The Rexor 6200 has generally been a very good machine. With its bigger engine, the machines performance and throughput have increased considerably when harvesting heavier beet crop. I have had teething problems with the new machine but luckily I was able to get in touch with my local Ben Burgess support team who have helped to get me back into the field within 24 hours, to continue with my harvesting contract. I have looked at a competitor’s harvesting machine to see how it compares but I’ve stuck with Grimme because of the phenomenal backup and service provided by Ben Burgess. Who knows, in 3 years’ time I may look to see how the technology has moved on in beet harvesting machinery, but the Rexor 6200 is certainly improving performance in the field for me.”

    Date added: January 2022

    Brian Laws / BA Laws

  • M W White Ltd make the swap to Kramer

    M W White Ltd took delivery of a new Kramer KL55.8T after wanting to upgrade their Manitou MLA-T 533-145 V+. With the KL55.8T being one of the largest telescopic wheel loaders from Kramer, it’s impressive stacking height of over 5 metres, quick work cycles and it’s important loading capabilities, it was the perfect choice for work at the total waste management plant.

    “We have had a great experience with Ben Burgess, you are very local to us, the engineers are always available if we need them, the sales team have great knowledge especially our area sales manager Robbie, I myself have been dealing with him for over 20 years. Before we got the Kramer Robbie had previously sourced a Manitou MLA-T 533-145 V+ for us at M W White, we found the machine was great but wanted to upgrade to something bigger and slightly different.”

    “We chose the Kramer as it was a much easier machine to work with, it is more substantially built and the boom is significantly better. Predominantly the KL55.8T will work inside where it will feed the conveyers with general waste and recyclables, it will also feed the shredder along with other duties at the plant.“

    Paul / M W White Ltd.

  • Getting better soil health with a 750A Drill

    “We bought this machine last Autumn and have just done our first drilling with this machine. Its gone really well. We’re just going into Zero Tillage and this John Deere 750A drill is the first drill we have had on the farm, as we want to look at building up our soil carbon levels. We have previously used contractors for drilling, but we wanted to try this new approach to soil health. We chose this machine as we run mostly John Deere tractors, which are all run on the Ben Burgess RTK network but also because of its great price. We are hoping to come back to the same field we drilled with this machine when the spring barley is up and interrow clover, using the data collected on MyJD. We also have a fertiliser kit fitted so that we can place phosphates with the seed to help it on. I’ve personally never done drilling before but it’s been so easy to use, with it all being accessible on the one screen in the cab. I can’t wait to see how it comes up.”


    Freddy / P Walker

  • Ready to get dirty with the Kramer KL 35.8T

    “Here at Baileys of Norfolk, we provide topsoil and sports turf products to retail and wholesale customers. We have been a Ben Burgess customer for over 6 years and have purchased several machines, such as our John Deere 6125R Tractor, two Hitachi excavators and various loading shovels from area sales manager Robbie. We have always received great service from Robbie and the team at Ben Burgess so have never seen the need to go anywhere else.”

    “We chose to purchase a Kramer KL 35.8T mainly for its compact size. It’s ideal for us to use when loading up our smaller trucks. We even had a narrow bucket fabricated by Gavin at F.C Walker fitted on the front, to ensure that we can load deliveries more efficiently.”

    “We haven’t had much opportunity to use the machine yet, but we have heard great things and can’t wait to get going with it.”

    Adrian Bailey / Baileys of Norfolk

  • GDR Sales takes delivery of UK’s first Yanmar SV120

    GDR Sales has taken delivery of the first SV120 sold in the UK. Retailed through Ben Burgess, Yanmar’s official dealer for Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Rutland, the new model will be used for riverbank maintenance, flailing and general building applications. One of the most powerful machines in the Yanmar portfolio, the SV120 delivers class-leading versatility, impressive capability and unbeatable performance. Its compact design and short tail make it a hugely popular choice for tight job sites, while its offset boom (unique on a machine of this size) allows operators to work in small spaces, close to walls and across the entire track width without having to reposition the excavator.

    Recently delivered to the GDR Sales headquarters in Norwich, the SV120 is already proving a valuable investment. Director Gary Riseborough commented: “I’ve been a customer of Ben Burgess for more than 30 years and have a good working relationship with the team. Over the years I’ve purchased several machines and have always been really happy with the service received. I was visiting the Norwich site and spotted the SV120 in the yard. It was very similar to my existing midi excavator but more compact. I asked the team if it was available and bought it on the spot! It’s been a really good machine so far. It came as standard with all the features you would usually need to add to a machine and this particular model actually runs on bio-oil, which (when working close to rivers) is ideal. We also work in a lot of wooded areas, so the machine’s compact size means we can easily fit between trees. Major components are accessible from ground level, so there are no rails to get in the way, and the visibility from the cab is brilliant. I can’t say that I’ve seen a comparable machine do it better!”

    Located in Norwich, England, GDR Sales provides a wide range of contracting services, including riverbank cutting and maintenance, flailing and weeding for farms. Furthermore, the team delivers a variety of building work for sites across the region.

    Gary Riseborough / GDR Sales