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  • John Deere 7310R – Powerful and productive

    Two top-spec 7310Rs are the flexible core of a Norfolk farming company’s predominantly John Deere tractor fleet.

    The two 310hp tractors really start earning their keep once the cereal harvest starts on the 5000 acres managed by Salle Farms Co at Reepham, where winter barley, oilseed rape, winter wheat, sugar beet, spring barley and spring beans are grown on a sevenyear rotation.

    Reliability is critical and this was a key factor when the 7310Rs were bought from local dealer Ben Burgess at Aylsham, when they replaced two 7280R models. “We used to replace this band of tractor at 5000 to 6000 hours but we now take them up to nearer 10,000,” says Poul Hovesen. “The 7310Rs have been 100 per cent reliable, and all the issues of the previous models have been completely solved.” John Deere Financial’s package was the most cost-effective way to do it. If we do have a problem, particularly an electrical issue, the JDlink system means our drivers can ring Ben Burgess, whose service manager can see what the problem is and reset the component remotely, or guide the operator through the resetting procedure.”

    Paul Hoveson / Salle Farms Co

  • M W Pilgrim & Son choose a deal that makes sense

    Manitou telehandlers have been the machine of choice for M W Pilgrim & Son since 2008.

    Adrian and Richard Pilgrim farm 800 acres of mixed arable crops including wheat, sugar beet and maize. The brothers, based in Kenninghall, south Norfolk, also sublet acreage for pigs and vegetables, including an organic field of sweetcorn.

    Their current Manitou MLT 741 machine is their third, and was an upgrade from their previous MLT 735 models.

    Adrian Pilgrim said ‘we choose Manitou for several reasons, some due to the machine itself but also because of the service we receive from Ben Burgess. Our 741 is particularly nimble which makes it easy to manoeuvre in and around the yard and the JSM joystick is excellent, it’s just so easy to use. Our machines only ever see two drivers and we look after them. We don’t do too many hours in them but they are a necessary machine for us and have been reliable.’

    Adrian added, ‘rice is important to us, especially for a machine that is not used day-in and day-out, and Ben Burgess and Manitou have always been able to provide us with a deal that makes sense’

    Adrian and Richard Pilgrim / MW Pilgrim & Son

  • Excellent sales, excellent machine

    Recently took delivery of a brand new 6145R. Excellent machine. Excellent sales and service provided throughout the buying process. Superb company to deal with. Highly recommended.

    Danny Duffield / Cawston Slurry Disposal

  • The service they provide is excellent

    Manitou has been the choice for over a decade at North Farm Livestock.

    Manitou telehandlers have been part of the landscape at North Farm Livestock for many years. Michael Baker, Director of the business based in North Norfolk, explains how his machines play an important part of the day-to-day running of the farm and looking after their pigs.

    ‘We have owned several Manitou machines over the years with MLT 735 and 840 telehandlers being our most recent models. Our machines have to work hard as they are used daily to move muck and straw, as well as moving tents that house our animals. The MLT 840s brought us John Deere engines which have given us more power. We work on undulating terrain at times so this is helpful and the machines are extremely stable. My team like the bigger cab and the visibility that the 840 also provides.’

    As well as the performance and comfort of the telehandlers, Michael’s choice of Manitou also comes down to the finance and extended warranty options available, plus the support provided by the team at Ben Burgess Aylsham.

    ‘We have an excellent relationship with David and the service and parts teams at Ben Burgess Aylsham. The service they provide is excellent and David knows what suits our business. We run a small fleet of John Deere, Manitou and Weidemann machines so it only takes one to have a problem and we are left in a muddle. Ben Burgess Aylsham can provide us a stand-in machine quickly and that is the back-up we need.’

    Arvydas Mamcenkovas, Logistics Manager / North Farm Livestock

  • Visitors to Gresham’s School in Holt, Norfolk are impressed by the high standards of the grounds.

    ‘Gresham’s is a great school and we wanted the best groundscare machinery. John Deere is a well-respected make and it has always been my aim to get their tractors here, and this year we finally got them,” says Gresham’s School service manager David Olby, after the school took delivery of the fleet this spring. The machines are central to maintaining and improving the presentation of Gresham’s grounds and lawns as well the playing fields, which cater for rugby, football, hockey, cricket and rounders. There are also grass and hard surface tennis courts, and two Astroturf pitches.

    ‘Our previous tractors were old and very tired. They were unreliable and maintenance costs were high. John Deere has an excellent reputation for reliability and, with Ben Burgess, we have good access to aftersales back-up and parts. When it came to the fleet, we explained our requirements to Stuart Edge of Ben Burgess, who is John Deere through and through. He then identified the best tractor models for our needs. The service from Ben Burgess in supplying demonstration machines was excellent.’

    David Oloby, Schools Service Manager / Greshams School

  • We were extremely impressed with the level of after-sales service they offered

    ‘We were also let down by the machinery. Timeliness of operations suffered due to narrow implements being used on an ageing tractor fleet. We needed more power so we could put bigger equipment on the back of the tractors and get over the ground in a more efficient and effective way.’

    ‘I’d used other makes of tractor and seen venues where John Deere machinery was used, so I wanted to progress to the brand for its product reliability and customer support. We managed to get the right machinery package through working closely with our local John Deere dealer Ben Burgess in Norwich and, just as importantly, we were extremely impressed with the level of after-sales service they offered.’

    Neil Yarham - Head of Grounds / Langley School, Loddon

  • Ben Burgess keeps our machines running like new.

    Gadd Brothers Trees and Landscapes is a successful tree surgery and landscaping partnership run by brothers James and Will Gadd and based in Great Barton, Suffolk.

    “We can order spare parts straight from our Timberwolf Dealer Ben Burgess GroundsCare Equipment and collect them the same day or have them delivered to our base the next day. If we need a larger service, we can rely on Ben Burgess to keep our machine running like new and at a time convenient to the needs of our business.” James Gadd



    The Gadd Brothers / Gadd Brothers Trees and Landscapes