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  • GDR Sales takes delivery of UK’s first Yanmar SV120

    GDR Sales has taken delivery of the first SV120 sold in the UK. Retailed through Ben Burgess, Yanmar’s official dealer for Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Rutland, the new model will be used for riverbank maintenance, flailing and general building applications. One of the most powerful machines in the Yanmar portfolio, the SV120 delivers class-leading versatility, impressive capability and unbeatable performance. Its compact design and short tail make it a hugely popular choice for tight job sites, while its offset boom (unique on a machine of this size) allows operators to work in small spaces, close to walls and across the entire track width without having to reposition the excavator.

    Recently delivered to the GDR Sales headquarters in Norwich, the SV120 is already proving a valuable investment. Director Gary Riseborough commented: “I’ve been a customer of Ben Burgess for more than 30 years and have a good working relationship with the team. Over the years I’ve purchased several machines and have always been really happy with the service received. I was visiting the Norwich site and spotted the SV120 in the yard. It was very similar to my existing midi excavator but more compact. I asked the team if it was available and bought it on the spot! It’s been a really good machine so far. It came as standard with all the features you would usually need to add to a machine and this particular model actually runs on bio-oil, which (when working close to rivers) is ideal. We also work in a lot of wooded areas, so the machine’s compact size means we can easily fit between trees. Major components are accessible from ground level, so there are no rails to get in the way, and the visibility from the cab is brilliant. I can’t say that I’ve seen a comparable machine do it better!”

    Located in Norwich, England, GDR Sales provides a wide range of contracting services, including riverbank cutting and maintenance, flailing and weeding for farms. Furthermore, the team delivers a variety of building work for sites across the region.

    Gary Riseborough / GDR Sales

  • Getting better soil health with a 750A Drill

    “We bought this machine last Autumn and have just done our first drilling with this machine. Its gone really well. We’re just going into Zero Tillage and this John Deere 750A drill is the first drill we have had on the farm, as we want to look at building up our soil carbon levels. We have previously used contractors for drilling, but we wanted to try this new approach to soil health. We chose this machine as we run mostly John Deere tractors, which are all run on the Ben Burgess RTK network but also because of its great price. We are hoping to come back to the same field we drilled with this machine when the spring barley is up and interrow clover, using the data collected on MyJD. We also have a fertiliser kit fitted so that we can place phosphates with the seed to help it on. I’ve personally never done drilling before but it’s been so easy to use, with it all being accessible on the one screen in the cab. I can’t wait to see how it comes up.”


    Freddy / P Walker

  • We joined Benacre Farms Company during harvest to find out how they’re getting on with their new John Deere S685i Combine!

    “Benacre are a big estate that grow many acres of crops including; cereal and potatoes. Our tractors have been supplied by Ben Burgess for almost 20 years now, including our John Deere 7530 and 8370, which are both very reliable machines. My favourite machine is the 8370 which with its suspension, is excellent on the road and is a good all-round tractor. It pulls a large Sumo Versadrill with 8 legs on the front with ease.

    We were running a Claas Lexion 740 combine but we had a little accident with that last year, so decided to buy a John Deere S685i combine in March 2021. I must say I’m impressed! I never thought I’d say that about a John Deere combine.

    I must admit I was dead against John Deere combines as we had tried the first John Deere CTS about 10 years ago when it first came out and thought the machine wasn’t there yet as they had I felt rushed it onto the market, so we kept with our Claas combine, but even after driving the S685i for just three weeks, I’d recommend it to anyone! We changed from the Claas Lexion 740 model to a John Deere S685i Combine; mainly because you get more for your money. It has a simple design so there’s less to go wrong and the machine runs clean (we don’t have to blow it down every day) which is a good advantage.

    We have now had the chance to run the machines side-by-side and the S685i has more than doubled the output of the Lexion, which would do just under 20 tonnes per hour on barley and the S685i has managed 42 tonnes per hour which is very impressive. The grain losses were down with the S685i too. I think our area sales manager Ben Conway was a bit shocked when he came to see me and I said I loved it. I don’t think I would turn back now.

    We also run all our machines using a Greenstar guidance system, meaning we can track them all on a single device. It makes life so much easier and if there are any problems, we know we only need to ring one point of contact – Carl Pitelen at Ben Burgess for help with our tech.

    The thing that made Ben Burgess stand out for us over the years is their continued level of service and support. When I phone up, I always get the help I need and they’ll always try and fix my problem over the phone or send someone out as quickly as possible. In fact, I had a breakdown last week and someone was there within the hour! If we went with a different dealer we would have to wait longer for them to arrive and travel further to collect spare parts. When we’ve had issues with our machines in the past the company have gone above and beyond to solve the problem. For instance, when we phone parts, they trip over themselves trying to help us and that’s what we need when we’re busy. Dean, David and Alex are all brilliant. Whenever we speak to David, he goes the extra mile to solve the problem or find me the right part, then he’ll send an email confirming it is the right part before sending it out. That’s what you need.”

    Jonathan Mitchell (Farm Manager) / Benacre Farms

  • Fuel Guarantee keeps our wheels turning

    “We have been using our John Deere 6250R Tractor since December 2019, mainly for trailer work with beet, and it has been a nice addition to our other JD tractors on the farm. I am the main driver of the JD 6250R and I really enjoy driving it. It has a comfortable cab and I like that this John Deere model has a joystick which makes it much easier to control. Out of all of the tractors we own, we never thought it would be the most efficient machine of the fleet but it is.

    We hadn’t heard anything about the fuel guarantee working for other farms until our Area Sales Manager at Ben Burgess told us we had been awarded £2700, £2038.97p of which was for in field work and it had achieved an efficiency bonus. We didn’t believe that the fuel guarantee would amount to anything. This Fuel Guarantee payback scheme has helped us to keep stocked in parts ensuring the wheels keep turning on all of our machines. We have always used Ben Burgess for our machinery as they have always looked after us and offered support when we needed it.”


    N.B. Effective 11th June 2021 the Fuel Guarantee is cancelled on all new pre-sold orders. Tractors pre-sold prior to this date will still be eligible.

    Katherine Hitchcock / Hitchcock Farms

  • Ready to get dirty with the Kramer KL 35.8T

    “Here at Baileys of Norfolk, we provide topsoil and sports turf products to retail and wholesale customers. We have been a Ben Burgess customer for over 6 years and have purchased several machines, such as our John Deere 6125R Tractor, two Hitachi excavators and various loading shovels from area sales manager Robbie. We have always received great service from Robbie and the team at Ben Burgess so have never seen the need to go anywhere else.”

    “We chose to purchase a Kramer KL 35.8T mainly for its compact size. It’s ideal for us to use when loading up our smaller trucks. We even had a narrow bucket fabricated by Gavin at F.C Walker fitted on the front, to ensure that we can load deliveries more efficiently.”

    “We haven’t had much opportunity to use the machine yet, but we have heard great things and can’t wait to get going with it.”

    Adrian Bailey / Baileys of Norfolk

  • Grimme Rexor 6200

    Helping through harvest with service you can’t Beet!

    “The Rexor 6200 has generally been a very good machine. With its bigger engine, the machines performance and throughput have increased considerably when harvesting heavier beet crop. I have had teething problems with the new machine but luckily I was able to get in touch with my local Ben Burgess support team who have helped to get me back into the field within 24 hours, to continue with my harvesting contract. I have looked at a competitor’s harvesting machine to see how it compares but I’ve stuck with Grimme because of the phenomenal backup and service provided by Ben Burgess. Who knows, in 3 years’ time I may look to see how the technology has moved on in beet harvesting machinery, but the Rexor 6200 is certainly improving performance in the field for me.”

    Date added: January 2022

    Brian Laws / BA Laws

  • New Yanmar additions to the MPH fleet

    This week we received our long-awaited delivery of Yanmar excavators. This is the first time we have tried Yanmar machines and are curious to see how they perform against our fleet of 22 Hitachi tracked machines. This is our third batch of diggers from Ben Burgess who we have worked with now for several years. Robbie at Burgess has always been alright and on hand to help if we need him and Mark from the BB service team has been great at keeping the machines running, alongside our own service team. All of these machines will be going straight out to work and hopefully all being well, Robbie can help us out with a few more additions to the fleet in future.

    Max / MPH Group

  • Murrays experience of buying a used telehandler from Ben Burgess

    “With over 5,000 tonnes of grain to handle, our telehandler is one of the most crucial machines at harvest time and last year we decided to trial a few of the latest machines, including a Kramer (KT407) for the first time. Whilst there are a lot of similarities between machines, the Kramer stood out principally due to its smooth hydrostatic transmission, its elevated cab option and the quality feel to the machine overall. It was a clear winner.

    Looking to purchase, my preference is usually to find a well-specified second-hand machine which is in very good condition, and I found one for sale at Ben Burgess Norwich. It was ex-hire, low hours and very well specified, in particular the factory-fitted auto-lube system. From the first contact with Ben Burgess, a very good relationship was quickly developed, and all my questions were answered thoroughly given it was a long-distance purchase. Then down to the nitty-gritty of price, a key differentiator for me was the willingness of Ben Burgess to explore creative options to make the deal work for both parties. And agreeing on a significant saving over a new machine is crucial given the inflationary pressures facing farming at present.

    Ben Burgess also prepared the machine thoroughly and on delivery, it was just like receiving a new machine. Overall, I have been very happy with the whole deal and I look forward to harvest 2022 and spending many hours in the Kramer.”

    Date added: January 2022

    Murray Forsyth / Smiddyburn Farms

  • O.S.Agri’s Otto impressed by his NEW Kramer 407

    “We recently purchased our Kramer 407 to replace our JCB 526 and are really impressed. It’s a good all-purpose, fuel-efficient machine. It manages both complex or simple jobs with ease and pulls well.

    I personally prefer the hydrostatic power of the Kramer compared to our previous JCB. I also really like the front hitch design on this machine and one of the best features of the 407 is the spacious cab. The one-piece screen on the front of the cab is great at providing 360 visibility and minimises blind spots. The reversing camera has also really helped to improve visibility despite the high angle it is fitted at. So far I have used this machine for bale carting, collecting shipping containers and carting soil amongst other jobs and it has been ideal.

    We bought our first tractor, a JD 5100R from Ben Burgess and have since looked at machines with other dealers but they don’t provide the back-up we receive from Ben Burgess, which is why we purchased our Kramer 407 through them.”

    Otto Smith / O.S.Agri

  • I can’t wait to see the difference as the crops grow

    “We have recently purchased a Kuhn AXIS 40.2 H-EMC-W Fertiliser Spreader from our local Ben Burgess Area Sales Manager Harry Coppin. We are a 2000-acre farm in Helpston that grows predominantly wheat, barley, OSR, sugar beet and grass land for our livestock. When we were first on the look out for a new spreader, Harry made our journey to purchasing one, very good. We felt very welcomed by him and the team at the Coates branch. Any questions that I had, were responded too straight away and we worked really well together, from setting up the machine to any minor obstacles. The standard of service and support has been exceedingly high and professional.”

    “Once I received the machine it went straight to the field. Compared to my previous Amazone spreader the output, patterns and spread is incredibly accurate. It is a very easy machine to use and one of its best features, is the auto on/off section control coming in and out of the gores.”

    “I am very pleased that I went for the Kuhn Spreader and I can’t wait to see the difference as the crops grow.”

    James Morton / MF Farms, Helpston

  • 10 out of 10 from Mark McNeill-Parker

    “The Yanmar was the perfect digger for landscaping work as it’s only 680mm wide so a great machine for my work. Craig was very helpful and kept me up-to-date from my first enquiry, right up to the delivery. I’ve now also purchased a Predator stump grinder from Ben Burgess and I must say the experience has been stress-free and a pleasure, definitely 10/10 for service.”

    Mark McNeill-Parker of Build My Garden pictured here receiving his new Yanmar SV08 machine.

    Mark McNeill-Parker / Build My Garden

  • Thetford Golf Clubs New John Deere 4066R

    “We recently purchased the John Deere 4066R as a replacement for our old 20+-year-old tractor. Having been customers of Ben Burgess for over 25 years, this purchase was again made easy with the continued support of Stuart Edge in selecting the right machine for our needs.

    The 4066R will be deployed on fairway aeration and overseeding tasks, spraying and work requiring our recently delivered blower and trailer both also purchased through Ben Burgess.

    The support on sales and after-sales care once again confirmed it was the right move for us at Thetford Golf Club.

    The tractor itself is a massive step up from our previous machine and with the vast array of features, it will enable us to carry out the task more efficiently for years to come”.



    Paul Gould / Thetford Golf Club

  • Timberwolf success for James Neal

    James Neal of Neal Landscapes has taken delivery of his three new Timberwolf TW230DHB chippers to compliment the TW280TFTR he purchased last year!

    James said, “Thank you Ben Burgess for an amazing deal and service once again. A big thank you to Neal Hussey!! He is second to none at his job!! Proof is in the pudding with all these sales. Look forward to purchasing more equipment in the near future.”


    For more information on our Arborist range visit:

    James Neal / Neal Landscapes

  • Ben burgess back up service is second to none!

    “We’ve got three, we never see them here in the workshop, they go out and give me no problems at all.” Learn why Ben Burgess customer Mead Construction from Cambridgeshire choose Avant Tecno loaders by watching our YouTube video.

    Phil Mead / Mead Construction

  • Dr Stump

    UK exclusive for Dr Stump

    “Neal Hussey made purchasing an Avant 423 for Dr Stump Ltd a breeze. His thoroughness, patience and veracity in dealing with questions and options that I posed to him instilled confidence in the service, product and brand. A great machine and a great service from a top guy!”

    Matthew Hewitt of Dr Stump Ltd taking delivery of the first narrow version of the Avant 423 in the UK from Avant UK’s headquarters in Thetford, Norfolk.


    For more information on our Arborist range visit:

    Matthew Hewitt / Dr Stump Ltd

  • First impressions of the new 8RX

    WR Church and Sons is a fourth-generation family farming partnership based in Broome covering over 2000 acres.

    “We have dealt with Ben Burgess for many years, so after recently finding ourselves looking to update from the Challenger brand, the natural progression was to once again come back to Ben Burgess, this time being for the new JD 8RX.

    The main reason we have opted for a machine from Ben Burgess was for the product and support. Carl from the precision Ag team has been brilliant and very efficient, Ben’s product knowledge and sales approach is very professional and accommodating.

    First impressions of the new 8RX are very good, it’s smooth, quiet and puts the power to the ground far better than any twin-track machine ever could. Furthermore, the John Deere green star RTK compliments the rest of our John Deere fleet perfectly.”

    Matthew Church / WR Church & Sons

  • Sentry Farming praise our Ag-Shop team

    “From the start Will and his team have been extremely helpful, guiding how best to sell our machinery and at what values. We have been able to reach their international buyers to achieve significantly higher prices than we would on our own.”

    For more information about Ag-Shop click here: Ag-Shop

    John Barrett / Sentry Farming

  • The service and customer care has been second to none!

    “Thank you to everyone at Ben Burgess for their continued support, the service and customer care has been second to none even though it has been such a difficult year. Most noticeably Paul Thomas in sales and Jeremy Birkenshaw and Simon Worboys in the workshop who continue to go above and beyond, so please thank them for their efforts on behalf of us at Overstone. They are a credit to you and your Ellington branch and I shall continue to recommend to anyone in my industry the service and equipment you provide.”


    Lawrence Ryan / Overstone Park Golf Course

  • Ben Burgess keeps our machines running like new

    Gadd Brothers Trees and Landscapes is a successful tree surgery and landscaping partnership run by brothers James and Will Gadd and based in Great Barton, Suffolk.

    “We can order spare parts straight from our Timberwolf Dealer, Ben Burgess GroundsCare Equipment, and collect them the same day or have them delivered to our base the next day. If we need a larger service, we can rely on Ben Burgess to keep our machine running like new and at a time convenient to the needs of our business.” James Gadd



    The Gadd Brothers / Gadd Brothers Trees and Landscapes

  • Excellent sales, excellent machine

    “I recently took delivery of a brand new 6145R. Excellent machine. Excellent sales and service provided throughout the buying process. Superb company to deal with. Highly recommended.”

    Danny Duffield / Cawston Slurry Disposal

  • The 7310Rs have been 100 per cent reliable

    Two top-spec 7310Rs are the flexible core of a Norfolk farming company’s predominantly John Deere tractor fleet.

    The two 310hp tractors really start earning their keep once the cereal harvest starts on the 5000 acres managed by Salle Farms Co at Reepham, where winter barley, oilseed rape, winter wheat, sugar beet, spring barley and spring beans are grown on a seven-year rotation.

    Reliability is critical and this was a key factor when the 7310Rs were bought from local dealer Ben Burgess at Aylsham when they replaced two 7280R models. “We used to replace this band of tractor at 5000 to 6000 hours but we now take them up to nearer 10,000,” says Poul Hovesen. “The 7310Rs have been 100 per cent reliable, and all the issues of the previous models have been completely solved.

    John Deere Financial’s package was the most cost-effective way to do it. If we do have a problem, particularly an electrical issue, the JDlink system means our drivers can ring Ben Burgess, whose service manager can see what the problem is and reset the component remotely, or guide the operator through the resetting procedure.”

    Paul Hoveson / Salle Farms Co

  • The service they provide is excellent

    Manitou has been the choice for over a decade at North Farm Livestock.

    Manitou telehandlers have been part of the landscape at North Farm Livestock for many years. Michael Baker, Director of the business based in North Norfolk, explains how his machines play an important part of the day-to-day running of the farm and looking after their pigs.

    “We have owned several Manitou machines over the years with MLT 735 and 840 telehandlers being our most recent models. Our machines have to work hard as they are used daily to move muck and straw, as well as moving tents that house our animals. The MLT 840s brought us John Deere engines which have given us more power. We work on undulating terrain at times so this is helpful and the machines are extremely stable. My team like the bigger cab and the visibility that the 840 also provides.”

    As well as the performance and comfort of the telehandlers, Michael’s choice of Manitou also comes down to the finance and extended warranty options available, plus the support provided by the team at Ben Burgess Aylsham.

    “We have an excellent relationship with David and the service and parts teams at Ben Burgess Aylsham. The service they provide is excellent and David knows what suits our business. We run a small fleet of John Deere, Manitou and Weidemann machines so it only takes one to have a problem and we are left in a muddle. Ben Burgess Aylsham can provide us with a stand-in machine quickly and that is the back-up we need.”

    Michael Baker / North Farm Livestock

  • Visitors are impressed by the high standards of our grounds

    “Gresham’s is a great school and we wanted the best grounds care machinery. John Deere is a well-respected make and it has always been my aim to get their tractors here, and this year we finally got them,” says Gresham’s School service manager David Olby, after the school took delivery of the fleet this spring. “The machines are central to maintaining and improving the presentation of Gresham’s grounds and lawns as well the playing fields, which cater for rugby, football, hockey, cricket and rounders. There are also grass and hard surface tennis courts, and two Astroturf pitches.”

    “Our previous tractors were old and very tired. They were unreliable and maintenance costs were high. John Deere has an excellent reputation for reliability and, with Ben Burgess, we have good access to aftersales back-up and parts. When it came to the fleet, we explained our requirements to Stuart Edge of Ben Burgess, who is John Deere through and through. He then identified the best tractor models for our needs. The service from Ben Burgess in supplying demonstration machines was excellent.”

    David Olby, Schools Service Manager / Gresham's School

  • We were extremely impressed with the level of after-sales service

    “We were constantly being let down by our old machinery. Timeliness of operations suffered due to narrow implements being used on an ageing tractor fleet. We needed more power so we could put bigger equipment on the back of the tractors and get over the ground in a more efficient and effective way.”

    “I’d always used other makes of tractors, but after seeing other venues having great success with John Deere machinery I wanted to progress to use this brand for its product reliability and customer support. We managed to get the right machinery package through working closely with our local John Deere dealer Ben Burgess in Norwich and, just as importantly, we were extremely impressed with the level of after-sales service they offered.”

    Neil Yarham, Head of Grounds / Langley School, Loddon