Our vision is to be the leader in our industry by offering excellent customer experiences and an inspiring place to work.

  • Safety

    The safety of our employees, customers and suppliers in any environment is paramount.

  • Commitment

    Through teamwork and continual development we are committed to providing outstanding service.

  • Respect

    We aim to develop relationships and sustain long term partnerships built on mutual respect.

  • Professional

    We are very proud of our family heritage and the professionalism instilled in our employees by our founder since 1931. We stand by our motto; "Where service still counts".

  • Quality

    We strive to deliver the best quality products and services to all our stakeholders.

  • Integrity

    We pride ourselves on the integrity and transparency of our company. Our long standing employees and customers are testament to this.

We will always offer outstanding customer service, we will always help and support our colleagues, we will always seek to improve ourselves and make a difference.