Terms & Conditions

  • Delivery and collection charges will apply.
  • A minimum 2 day hire period needs to be booked if you require delivery and collection.
  • All cash invoices are to be paid prior to the hire start date.
  • All account invoices are to be paid 7 days from the invoice date.
  • All machinery is to be insured fully by the hirer.

Prices are exclusive of VAT.

Loaders, Telehandlers & Attachments

MACHINE:Per DayPer Week10 Weeks+
Compact Loader KL£165£420£360Make an enquiry
KT276 – KT356 Telehandler£195£500£415Make an enquiry
KT407 – KT457 Telehandler£220£610£515Make an enquiry
KT557 / KT559 / KT3610 Telehandler£250£660£565Make an enquiry

Attachments with Machine only – £50 per attachment per day.

Access Equipment

Equipment:Per DayPer Week10 Weeks+
19m Tracked Access Platform£300£1,000Make an enquiry
22.5m Tracked Access Platform£400£1250Make an enquiry

Excavators (Diggers)

EQUIPMENT:Per DayPer WeekWeekend
0.8 Ton Micro-Digger£80£250£140Make an enquiry
1.5/1.7 Ton Mini-Digger£90£275£160Make an enquiry
2.6 Ton Mini-Digger£100£300£180Make an enquiry
5 Ton Mini-Digger£175£525Make an enquiry
8 Ton Mini-Digger£200£600Make an enquiry
12 Ton Digger£250£750Make an enquiry
0.8 Tracked Hi Tip Dumper£80£250£140Make an enquiry

Trailers & Bowsers

equipment:Per DayPer Week10 Weeks+
2,000 Gallon Slurry Tanker£200£650Make an enquiry
Bunning 150 Lowlander£500£1,300Make an enquiry
220 Gallon Fuel Bowser£200£500Make an enquiry
14/16 Ton Trailer£200£450Make an enquiry
18/20 Ton Trailer£250£550Make an enquiry
30ft Flat Trailer£200£450Make an enquiry


equipment:Per DayPer Week10 Weeks+
2.8m Front/Rear Mount Flail Mower£320£600Make an enquiry
9′ Rigid Topper£225£675Make an enquiry
Tractor Mounted Post Knocker£200£600Make an enquiry