Loaders, Telehandlers & Attachments

MACHINE:Per DayPer Week10 Weeks+
MT420 Telehandler£110£340£295Make an enquiry
MT625 Telescopic Handler£115£345£300Make an enquiry
MT732 – MT932 Telescopic Handler£120£340£310Make an enquiry
MT1030 – MT1235 Telescopic Handler£130£355£315Make an enquiry
MT1030 – MT1235 Telescopic Handler£135£370£345Make an enquiry
MT1440 – Telehandler£135£370£345Make an enquiry
MT1840 Telescopic Handler£160£415£360Make an enquiry
MT1840A Telescopic Handler with Man Platform£210£580£515Make an enquiry

Attachments With / Without Machine

Man Platform for Telehandler ≤6m£32 / £62Make an enquiry
Muckfork & Grab£32 / £62Make an enquiry
Bucket (35, 50, 60 or 70 cu.ft.)£32 / £62Make an enquiry
Extension Jib (JCB only)£32 / £62Make an enquiry

Access Equipment (MEWP)

Equipment:Per DayPer Week10 Weeks+
Manitou 160 ATJ Articulated Boom – 16.25m£215£580Make an enquiry
Nifty 170 Trailer Mounted Z-Boom – 17.1m£215£575Make an enquiry
Hinowa Lightlift – 17.75m£260£895Make an enquiry

Diggers & Dumpers

EQUIPMENT:Per DayPer Week10 Weeks+
1.0 Ton Micro-Digger£80£265Make an enquiry
2.0 Ton Mini-Digger£90£285Make an enquiry
2.5 Ton Mini-Digger£110£325Make an enquiry
5 Ton Mini-Digger£135£400Make an enquiry
8 Ton Midi-Digger£145£475Make an enquiry
13 Ton Digger£225£675Make an enquiry

John Deere Tractors

machineS:Per DayPer Week10 Weeks+
Front PTO / Rowcrops etc. extra:£160£115Make an enquiry
AMS SF1 (with / without tractor)£110/£165£65/£135Make an enquiry
AMS SF2 (with / without tractor)£140/£185£115/£135Make an enquiry
AMS RTK (with / without tractor)£215/£265£185/£235Make an enquiry
JD 5R up to 100hp£135£530£420Make an enquiry
6R 100hp to 130hp (4 cyl.)£170£690£635Make an enquiry
130hp to 155hp (40km/h)£210£740£665Make an enquiry
130hp to 155hp (50km/h)£235£850£795Make an enquiry
175hp to 195hp (40km/h)£260£950£850Make an enquiry
175hp to 195hp (50km/h)£270£1,000£900Make an enquiry
6R 215hp (50km/h)£290£1,080£950Make an enquiry
6R 250hp (50km/h)£320£1,270£1,080Make an enquiry
7R 250hp to 270hp£320£1,488£1,320Make an enquiry
290hp to 310hp£335£1,500£1,400Make an enquiry
310hp to 350hp£350£1,670£1,620Make an enquiry
350hp to 370hp£405£1,900£1,750Make an enquiry
400hp wheeled£480£2,110£1,910Make an enquiry
350hp to 370hp (tracked)£580£2,885£2,554Make an enquiry

Trailers & Bowsers (Jun-Sept min. 6 weeks)

equipment:Per DayPer Week10 Weeks+
220 Gallon Fuel Bowser£115£205Make an enquiry
16 Ton Trailer£205£515Make an enquiry
18 Ton Trailer£210£525Make an enquiry
26ft Flat Trailer£115£265Make an enquiry


equipment:Per DayPer Week10 Weeks+
Optimal 1100 Tree Spade£320£1,080Make an enquiry
Tree Shear & 5T Digger£370£1,235Make an enquiry
Tractor Mounted Post Knocker£115£375Make an enquiry
Post Hole Borer to fit 2T Digger£90£370Make an enquiry
Post Hole Borer with 2T Digger£170£470Make an enquiry