Manitou Fuel Filter 710887

£13.07(inc. VAT)

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Manitou Fuel Filter 710887

This filter is compatible with the following models:

  • MVT7140, MVT10100,
  • MRT-X2540, MRT-X2150, MRT-X1850,
  • MRT2540, MRT2150, MRT1850,
  • MLT-X845,
  • MLT940, MLT845, MLT741, MLT735, MLT634,
  • MHT-X1490, MHT-X10230, MHT-X10225, MHT-X10180, MHT-X10130,
  • MHT990, MHT7140, MHT10230, MHT10225, MHT10210, MHT10160, MHT10130, MHT10120.

If you have any questions regarding the Manitou fuel filter, please call us on 01263 734311 for assistance.