John Deere HPX Toy Gator

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This fantastic electric utility vehicle runs on a 12V/12Ah/150Wh rechargeable battery. The John Deere HPX Toy Gator is perfect for little adventurers aged 3 and up. It travels on all surfaces, even the most rugged, and can tackle differences in elevation with a slope of up to 17%.


  • Large adjustable seat
    Adjustable in four positions to suit drivers of all sizes. Two armrests for comfortable, safe driving also act as handles for hanging on when travelling over rough terrain.
  • Sculpted tread tyres
    With great traction for perfect adherence to the ground. An electric tractor that can easily travel up slopes of up to 17%
  • Big tipping box
    The load box, which can carry up to 10 kg, has a side opening and handles for easy unloading even while sitting comfortably.
  • Two forward gears and a reverse gear
    The second gear has a lock that, when necessary, prevents an inexperienced child from using it.
  • Accelerator and brake in a single pedal
    The accelerator pedal, when released, becomes a brake that automatically stops the toy.
  • Cup-holders
    On the large front fenders are 2 drink holders or storage compartments so that your child always has everything to hand.
  • Rechargeable battery and charger is included
    The vehicle operates with a 12V/12Ah/150Wh battery. The battery can be recharged using a common household socket, either in or out of the vehicle. The vehicle comes equipped with the battery and battery charger. For optimal performance, make sure you charge the battery for at least 18 hours and for no more than 24 hours before first-time use.
  • Compatible with the John Deere Adventure Trailer!
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Battery Type: 12V/12Ah150Wh sealed no-maintenance lead-acid battery, included in package.
Alkaline batteries: 3 button LR44 1.5V batteries (included).
Battery charger: 12V battery charger, included in the package.
Number of seats: 2
Traction wheels: 2
Object holders: Yes
Slope capacity: 17%
Rear load body: Yes
Trailer: Optional
Sealed base: Yes
Accelerator Type: Pedal
Age Range: 3+
Terrain Type: Great performance, even on hills and uneven terrain.
Wheels Number: 4
Wheels Type: Sculpted tread
Material Frame: Anti-corrosion treated iron.. PP polypropylene.. PA polyamide.. High-density PEHD.
Size: 131 cm x 89,5 cm x 69 cm – 51.6”x 35.6”x 27.6”
Box Size: 92 cm x 62 cm x 120 cm
Weight: 25,8 kg
Maximum transportable weight: 60 + 10 kg – 132 + 22 lbs
Speed in 1st gear: 3,5 km/h
Speed in 2nd gear: 6,8 km/h
Speed in reverse: 3,5 km/h
Engines: 350W
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