Heizohack HM8-400 Chipper

£49,854.00(inc. VAT)

• PTO driven (150hp required)
• 3 point linkage mounted
• In feed 400mm x 670mm
• 8 X blades


The Heizohack HM5/6/8-400 series of wood chippers are ideal for owners of wood chip boiler systems to produce quality wood fuel chip for there own use. They have the larger capacity for contractors with higher output demands. The 400 series have a maximum chipping diameter of 40cm (16″) and are supplied with the Heizohack ‘stress control’ system which ensures a quality chip by controlling the in-feed speed of the chipper according to the power of the tractor driving the chipper.

The large in-feed height of 40cm allows you to process bushes, branches, fence poles, saw mill waste etc., even entire tree trunks into high grade wood chips