Heizohack HM6-300 Chipper

£32,610(inc. VAT)

• PTO driven (120hp Required)
• 3 point linkage mounted
• In-feed 300mm x 500mm
• 6 X blades

Available on back-order


The Heizohack HM4/6-300 series of wood chippers are ideal for owners of wood chip boiler systems to produce quality wood chip for their own use. Both the HM4-300 & HM6-300 have a maximum chipping diameter of 30cm (12″) and is supplied with the Heizohack ‘stress control’ system which ensures a quality chip by controlling the in-feed speed of the chipper according to the power of the tractor driving the chipper.

The large in-feed height of 30cm allows you to process bushes, branches, fence poles, saw mill waste etc., even entire tree trunks into high grade wood chips.

If you have any questions regarding the Heizohack HM6-300 Chipper, please contact us for assistance.

When processing wood as a raw material, what counts for forestry companies, forest farmers’ cooperatives and contractors is speed, time-saving and perfect chopping results. Based on practical experience, Heizomat have therefore designed professional machines that accommodate all of your needs and are essential for the production of wood chips.

“Energy in Balance with Nature” has been Heizomat’s guiding principle ever since Robert Bloos founded the firm in 1982. To this day, it is rigorously pursued. Extremely high and volatile raw material prices argue in favour of Heizomat’s highly efficient biomass and wood chip boilers, with outputs ranging from 15 to 990kW.