Hakki Pilke 38 Pro Firewood Processor

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The Hakki Pilke 38 Pro brings unparalleled efficiency to firewood processing. An effortless, ergonomic and efficient HakkiCutTM cutting control enables sawing with a single press of a joystick button. During cutting, the lowering speed of the saw bar is automatically adjusted according to the resistance, ensuring an efficient and fast process. At a splitting force of 10 t, the 38 Pro can split even the hardest wood, achieving a splitting cycle of no more than 3 seconds.

In the 38 Pro processor, the AC10 automatic chain tensioner functions mechanically. The patented AC10 system maintains the chain at optimal tension, improving the efficiency of the sawing process and providing a significant increase to the life span of the chain and bar. In addition to sawing and cutting, the joystick is used to adjust the height of the splitting blade and control the infeed conveyor. The 38 Pro model also features the familiar Hakki Pilke cleaning outfeed conveyor, which separates debris from firewood without any additional accessories. As a new feature, the machine also includes a control valve for the outfeed conveyor – this can be used to reverse or stop the conveyor belt as necessary.

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Hakki Pilke firewood processors are manufactured mainly from high-quality Finnish components at their factory in Haapajärvi, Finland with over 30 years of experience. Every year they ship more than 1000 units of machinery to over 6 continents and over 35 countries.

Their wide selection of firewood processing machines provides models for industrial use, professional wood processing and for semi-professional and home usage.

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