NGK BR6HS Spark Plug 3922

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NGK BR6HS Spark Plug 3922

Suitable for the following applications:

  • Agria 5300 (Robin EX21 engine),
  • Agria 5400, Agria 5400 KL (Robin EH17, EH25 engines),
  • Agria 5500 Grizzly Compact, Agria 5500 Grizzly Premium (Robin EH25 engine),
  • Agria 2200 Hydro (Robin EX27D engine),
  • Agria 8200-V6R (Robin EH17 engine),
  • Agria 3600 (Robin EH17 engine),
  • Agria 3900 (Robin EH25 engine),
  • Allen Pro 37,
  • Allett Kensington 14K, Allett Kensington 17K, Allett Kensington 20K,
  • Wisconsin / Robin EY15, Wisconsin / Robin EY18, Wisconsin / Robin EY25, Wisconsin / Robin EY44,
  • Efco Jet AG 40 R45 (Robin engine),
  • Husqvarna TR430,
  • John Deere 5000W,
  • Kawasaki FJ100D,
  • Kubota RTV400Ci,
  • Makita G1200R, Makita G2400R, Makita G2800i, Makita G4300i, Makita EW200R, Makita EW200ST,
  • Nautac Country DR06S (B&S 6HP engine),
  • Robin EH18V, Robin EX13D, Robin EX17D, Robin EX21D, Robin EX27D, Robin EX30, Robin EX35, Robin EX40, Robin SP170, Robin SP210,
  • Shibaura G-EXE22 / 26, Shibaura G-FLOW22, Shibaura MWX-400S,
  • Snapper ECLP21650RV, Snapper ECLP21601RV,
  • Stihl TS08,
  • Suffolk 14sk, Suffolk 17sk (Kawasaki FJ100D engine),
  • Topso E500AV, Topso E501AV, Topso E510AVB, Topso E511AVB, Topso E600AV, Topso E601AV, Topso E610AVB, Topso E611AVB, Topso E700AV, Topso E710AVB,
  • Trimmer Honda G35, G42 engines,
  • Wacker BHF30S Breaker, Wacker BS45Y, Wacker BS60Y, Wacker BS62Y, Wacker G6000E, Wacker GH3500E,
  • Wacker PG2, Wacker PG3, Wacker PG4 (Robin engines), Wacker PT2R, Wacker PT3R, Wacker VPG1750, Wacker BPS2550R, Wacker BPU3345R.

Details about NGK BR6HS:

Thread diameter: 14mm
Thread reach: 12.7mm
Seat type: flat
Hex size: 21mm
Tip configuration: non projected
Construction: Standard construction
Terminal type: Removable

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With over 80 years of automotive expertise, NGK are driven by extreme dedication to performance and quality. NGK spark plugs push the limits of performance and innovation, bringing the most advanced technology to today’s high-efficiency engines. From the high-tech Ruthenium HX™ to the industry standard OE-style spark plugs, NGK drives the future of spark plug engineering.

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