Mountainpress 550 TPC-S

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MOUNTAINPRESS 550 TPC-S is a mini round baler carried by means of the tractor three point linkage, designed for working with small tractors with low centre of gravity. It is possible to adjust the pick-up height and to wrap the bales from the driver’s seat via a control panel. An acoustic signal warns the operator that the bale is fully formed. The forming chamber opens and closes via the hydraulic control located on the tractor. An optional towing kit allows, if needed, to tow MOUNTAINPRESS 550 TPC-S centrally behind the tractor. Power transmission via cardan shaft.

MOUNTAINPRESS is a range of small round-balers that press hay by rolling it into cylindrical bales. The MOUNTAINPRESS small round-balers produce a 20/25 kg hay bale on average every 40 seconds. The total output per hour is approximately 1,500 kg hay.

All of the MOUNTAINPRESS round balers wrap the bales with a special agricultural woven net, specifically designed to keep the baled product compact without damaging it.

Standard Equipment
Lights, net wrapping, bale counter, bale formation acoustic signal, hydraulic bale ejection, automatic chain tensioning, chain protection clutch, electric control box for bale wrapping and electrohydraulic pick-up lifting.

Optional Equipment
Cardan shaft, automatic chain lubrication, trailing kit.

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Mountainpress 550 TPC-S
Bale output per hour50-80
Tyres18x 8.50/8″ PR 4 (TPC) – 18.5×8.50/8″ PR 6 (TPC-S)
Minimum power required15kW