Briggs & Stratton Starter Rope Handle 281434S

£3.72(inc. VAT)


This genuine Briggs & Stratton starter rope handle is compatible with the following engine models:

  • 450, 500, 550 Series
  • 300E, 450E, 500E, 550E, 575EX Series
  • 625E, 650E, 675EX Series
  • 650EXi, 675EXi, 675iS Series
  • 700E, 725, 750EX, 775iS Series
  • 800E, 850E, 875EX, 875iS Series
  • 950E Series
  • 1000 Series
  • Intek & Intek Pro (model 12×6) Series
  • 1350, 1450 Series
  • Intek Pro (model 1213, 1214) Series

Suitable for the following models;

450 Series;

  • AL-KO 42B AK119324, 46B AK119325, 42BR AK119284, MH350 AK112644,
  • Apache SC42, Atco Quattro 15, Cobra M40B, M46B, S390B,
  • Lawn-King EP414TRB,
  • Macallister MPRM46HP (2012), MPRM46SP (2012),
  • Mountfield HP470, SP470, HP180 299174623/SF 299174623/M15, SP180 299274623/SF 299274623/M15, HP183 299194623/SF, SP183 299294623/SF, S420HP, S420PD,
  • Murray MP450, MX450

500 Series;

  • AL-KO 430BR AK119285, 470B AK119392,
  • Cobra MX46B, RM46B, MX46SPB, RM46SPB,
  • Hayter Osprey 611A, 611B,
  • Lawnflite 43SPBR, 43PBR,
  • Macallister MPRM46HP (2013), MPRM46SP (2013),
  • Masport 250ST
  • Murray MP500, MXMH550,
  • Weibang Virtue 46SM, Virtue 46SH.

550 Series;

  • Hayter SP36.

300E Series;

  • Masport 150ST,
  • Mountfield HP185 299164623/SF 299164623/WX, SP185 299264623/SF 299264623/WX.

450E Series;

  • Atco Quattro 15 297411027/AT7, Quattro 15S 297412027/AT7, Liner 16 299434027/AT4, Liner 16S 299439027/AT4,
  • Cobra M40SPB, RM40SPB,
  • Hayter; Osprey 610A, Spirit 41 616J, Spirit 41 617J, Spirit 41 619J, MTD 46B, 46BS,
  • McCulloch M40-125, M46-125, M46-125WR,
  • Stiga Collector 48B 295485128/S14, Collector 48SB 295486128/S14, Multiclip 47QB 298471828/S15, Multiclip 47SQB 298472828/S15, Multimower 48S 295486148/S16, SRC550 RB 212501022/14,
  • Webb Supreme WER16HP, Supreme WER16SP, Supreme WER18HP, Supreme WER18SP, Elite WE42SP.

500E Series;

  • Atco Quattro 16 295441027/AT4, Quattro 16S 295442027/AT4, Cobra M46SPB, MM51B, RM40SPB, T40B,
  • Masport 350ST, Mulcher 18″,
  • Snapper NX-40, NX-50,
  • Toro 20943,
  • Webb Supreme R18HW, Elite RR16.

550E Series;

  • AL-KO Highline 473SP AK119464, Gardenline; GL46 AK119917 AK119918 AK119919,
  • Stiga Combi 48B 295485028/S14, Combi 48SB 295486028/S14,
  • Webb Elite R46SPHW.

575EX Series;

  • AL-KO Highline 46.7 SP AK119809,
  • Cobra RM46SPBR,
  • Hayter Harrier 41 374A,
  • Snapper NX-60.

625E Series;

  • AL-KO Solo 4605SP AK127128, MH5005R AK113256,
  • Atco Liner 18S 299489027/AT5, Quattro 19S 4in1 294506827/AT5,
  • Cobra M51SPB, MX514SPB,
  • Hayter Harrier 41 375A, Hayterette 005J,
  • McCulloch M53 – 625CMDW with 122T02 engine, MWT420 Wheeled Trimmer,
  • Stiga Combi 50 SQ B 294502828/S17, Twinclip 50SB 294512028/S16, Turbo Power 50SB,
  • Webb Elite R51 SPHW, Supreme RR19,
  • Wolf Garten 53 BA V HW Expert.

650E Series;

  • AL-KO Highline 473VS AK119465,
  • Cobra M56SPB,
  • Hayter Motif 438H, Motif 438J, Motif 439H, Motif 439J, Harrier 41 410H, Harrier 41 412H, Harrier 41 413H, Harrier 48 490H, Harrier 48 491H, Harrier 48 493H, Hayterette 005H,
  • McCulloch M46-190AWREX,
  • Snapper Easy Line ESPV211S.

675EX Series;

  • AL-KO 520BRVE Premium AK119516,
  • Stiga Combi 53 SQB, Atco Liner 18SE,
  • Toro 20959, 29732.

650EXi Series;

  • AL-KO Highline 477 VS Vario-Speed 4in1 AK119768, Highline 51.7 SP Self-propelled 4in1 AK119813,
  • Hayter Harrier 48 Autodrive BBC 493J, Harrier 48 Autodrive Variable Speed 490J, Harrier 48 475A.

675EXi Series;

  • AL-KO Highline 527 VS Self-Propelled 4in1 119815,
  • Atco Liner 19S V 294519027/AT6, , Quattro 22S 4in1 294556827/AT6, Quattro 22S V 4in1 294563827/AT7,
  • DR TR4 Premier 675 DRMP60,
  • Hayter Harrier 41 Autodrive VS ES 376A,
  • Lawnflite Optima 53SPBHW,
  • Masport 500AL 18″, 575AL SP Combo 18″ 482949, 800 AL Combo 464794, Contractor 625AL RED,
  • Rotarola RRSP-22, Rotarola 18″ SP Rear Roller RR18SP, Widecut 800 AL Push Combo 464793,
  • McCulloch M53-150 4×4,
  • Stiga Combi 53SQ B 299536828/S16, Combi 55SQB 294556828/S17, Combi 55SVQ B 294557828/S17, Turbo 48SB 299486028/S16, Twinclip 55SB 294562028/ST1, Twinclip 55SQB 294562828/ST1,
  • Toro 20955 ADS 3-in-1, 20958, 20960 55cm AWD, 20965 Power Reverse ADS, 29732 3in1 53cm.

675iS Series;

  • AL-KO Highline 476 SPI AK119737, Highline 526 VSI ES AK119738,
  • Atco Liner 18SE 299489527/AT6, Liner 19SE V 294519527/AT6, Quattro 19SE 4in1 294502527/AT6,
  • Cobra MX515SPBI,
  • Hayter Harrier 41 Autodrive VS ES 376A, Harrier 48 AD ES 491J, Harrier 48 476A,
  • Mountfield S461RPD/ES 299489023/M18, SP533IS 295546528/MC,
  • Stiga Combi 48SEQ B 299486628/S16, Combi 50SEQ B 294502528/ST1 294502528/S17, Combi 50SVEQ B 294503528/S17, Combi 55SVEQ B 294557528/ST1, Turbo 48SEB 299486528/S16, Turbo 48SEVQ B 299487528/S16, Twinclip 50 SVER B 294519528/ST1, Twinclip 55 SVEQ B 294563528/S17, Twinclip 50 SEQ B 294512528/S17.

725 Series;

  • Toro 20961, 20960, 20956.

850 Series;

  • AL-KO 5300BRV ALU Powerline AK119307, Solo 5275 VS AK127124, Solo 5375 VS ALU AK127126, Solo 5375 VSC ALU BBC AK127127, 5679SVR,
  • Cobra T60RB,
  • Hayter Harrier 48 Pro 496H, 496J, Harrier 56 560H, 560J, Harrier 56 563H, 563J, Harrier 56 566H, 566J, Harrier 56 575A, Harrier 56 579A,
  • Masport Contractor 21″ Professional 3N1 467757,
  • Stiga Multiclip Pro 53 SB 293532028/S14 293532028/ST1,
  • Weibang Legacy 56V WB536SBVR WGMP45, Legacy 56 VE WB536SBER WGMP46.

875 Series;

  • DR TR4 Pro DRMP54, TR4 PRO 875 DRMP55,
  • Toro Timemaster 20975.

875EX Series;

  • Snapper NX-90V SNNX90V, ESPV21875EXAL SNESPV21875EXAL.

875iS Series;

  • DR PRO-XL 875 DRMP57,
  • Hayter Harrier 56 Autodrive ES 561H, 561J, Harrier 56 576A,
  • Toro Timemaster 20977.

950E Series;

  • AL-KO Solo R7-62.5 AK127306,
  • Atco Rider 27H 2T0075247/AT3,
  • Stiga Combi 1066HQ 2T0078281/14.

1000 Series;

  • Toro Timemaster 20978 ES, Timemaster 20976.

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Briggs & Stratton, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, provides innovative products and diverse power solutions to help people get work done. Briggs & Stratton is the world’s largest producer of engines for outdoor power equipment, and is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of lithium-ion battery, standby generator, energy storage system, lawn and garden, turf care and job site products through its Briggs & Stratton®, Vanguard®, Ferris®, Simplicity®, Snapper®, Billy Goat®, Allmand®, SimpliPhi®, Branco® and Victa® brands. With over 110 years of experience, Briggs & Stratton is trusted by millions of people around the globe and backed by the largest service network in the industry. Briggs & Stratton products are designed, manufactured, marketed, and serviced in more than 100 countries on six continents.

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