Briggs & Stratton Fuel Filter 84001895

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This genuine Briggs & Stratton fuel filter helps maintain fuel systems health by straining out foreign particles before they reach the carburettor. Designed for use on engines with a fuel pump, this OEM filter is used on select engines and ensures proper fit and performance to maintain the life of your Briggs & Stratton engine.

Compatible with the following Briggs & Stratton engines:

  • 121S02-0001-F1, 121S02-0023-F1, 121S02-0026-F1, 121S02-0130-F1, 121S02-0130-F2,
  • 121S07-0006-F1, 121S07-0024-F1, 121S07-0027-F1,
  • 121S17-0127-F1, 121S17-0127-F2,
  • 12V336-0149-G1,
  • 185430-0099-01, 185430-0399-B1, 185430-0399-E1,
  • 196436-0140-01, 196436-1240-E1,
  • 19F412-0136-01, 19F412-0144-01, 19F412-1136-E1,
  • 19F432-0043-01, 19F432-0133-01, 19F432-1043-E1, 19F432-1101-E1, 19F432-1133-E1, 19F432-1137-E1,
  • 19F436-0112-01, 19F437-0132-01, 19F437-1132-E1,
  • 206437-0119-E1,
  • 212702-0116-E1, 212702-0117-E1, 212702-0119-E1, 212707-0050-E1, 212707-0120-E1,
  • 212902-0020-E1, 212902-0122-E1, 212902-0127-E1, 212902-0129-E1, 212907-0028-E1, 212907-0114-E1, 212907-0121-E1, 212907-0128-E1,
  • 214707-0114-E1,
  • 215702-0110-B1, 215702-0110-E1, 215702-0110-E9, 215702-0113-B1, 215702-0113-E1, 215702-0113-E9, 215702-0116-B1, 215702-0116-E1, 215702-0116-E9,
  • 215705-0119-B1, 215705-0119-E1,
  • 215707-0025-E1, 215707-0025-G1, 215707-0026-E1, 215707-0026-G1, 215707-0111-E1, 215707-0114-B1, 215707-0114-E1,
  • 215707-0117-B1, 215707-0117-E1, 215707-0117-E9, 215707-0118-B1, 215707-0118-E1, 215707-0118-E9, 215707-0120-B1,
  • 215802-0005-F1, 215802-0114-B1, 215802-0114-E1, 215802-0114-E9, 215802-0115-B1, 215802-0115-E1, 215802-0115-E9,
  • 215802-0118-B1, 215802-0118-B9, 215802-0118-E1, 215802-0118-E9,
  • 215802-0119-B1, 215802-0119-B9, 215802-0119-E1, 215802-0119-E9,
  • 215802-0120-B1, 215802-0120-B9, 215802-0120-E9,
  • 215802-0123-B1, 215802-0123-B9, 215802-0123-E1, 215802-0123-E9,
  • 215802-0126-B1, 215802-0126-E9,
  • 215802-0138-B1, 215802-0139-B1, 215802-0141-B1, 215802-0148-B1, 215802-0154-B1, 215802-0158-B1, 215802-0162-B1.

Previous part numbers: 493629, 691035, 84001895.

Before buying, please check part compatibility via your engine’s Operator’s Manual or Illustrated Parts List available on the Briggs & Stratton website.

If you have any questions regarding the Briggs & Stratton fuel filter, please contact us for assistance.

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