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The Avant snow blower is an efficient snow removal tool with advanced technology. The frame and discharge chute are designed so that there are as little as possible passive surfaces which would prevent snow movement. This open design means efficient snow blowing – the feeding auger eats the snow quickly and easily and moves it to the impeller which throws the snow out through the discharge chute. Thanks to this design the blower works well both with dry and wet snow and clears compacted snow banks also. The feeding auger is made of wear-resistant Hardox steel.

The blower is equipped with two hydraulic motors: one for the auger and one for the discharge impeller. The new type of hydraulic motor on the impeller improves the efficiency of the blower considerably. Snow discharge can be directed accurately as the
discharge chute can be rotated 270° electrically, operated from the driver’s seat.

Throwing height can be adjusted manually, electric throwing height adjustment is available as an option and requires the optional Opticontrol on the loader.

Two working widths available: 1150 mm and 1500 mm.

  • Efficient high volume snow blower
  • Works well both with dry and wet snow
  • Equipped with two hydraulic motors: one for the auger and one for the discharge impeller
  • Electric 270° discharge chute rotation as standard
  • Exact snow discharge

Compatible with the following models:

  • 220, 225, 225LPG, 313S, 320S,
  • 420, 423, 520, 523, 525LPG, 528, 530
  • R20, R28, R35, R35 (Stage V),
  • 630, 635, 635 (Stage V), 640, 640 (Stage V)

Compatible with the following models with modifications:

  • 735, 745, 750, 755i, 760i
  • 850, 860i, e5, e6

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Since 1991, Avant Tecno has manufactured more than 70 000 loaders at their manufacturing plant in Ylöjärvi, Finland. The company has sales offices in Germany, UK and US, and import partners in more than 55 countries.

The development of Avant Loaders began 25 years ago. The core group of Avant had already over ten years of experience in developing different kind of agricultural machinery. They noticed that for one of the toughest jobs in cow farms, silage distribution inside cow houses, there were no proper and cost-effective machines available.

From this standpoint, the first Avant was born: skid steer loader, equipped with 11-horsepower gasoline engine, which was able to distribute feed to 50-80 cows in 10-15 minutes, twice a day, 365 days a year. A task, which was previously done with wheelbarrow and shovel.

Working width – 1150 mm
Total width – 1230 mm
Frame height – 680 mm
Auger diameter – 460 mm
Chute rotation – 270°
Weight – 240 kg
Product no. – A434731