Avant Collecting Lawn Mower 1500 Attachment A37411

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The Avant collecting lawn mower is designed for professional use with 1500 mm cutting width and 800 L collector box. The high suction power makes it also possible to collect tree leaves on lawns. The blades cut the grass, tree leaves etc. to a fine mulch which packs tightly into the collector box.

Collector box volume is designed to be large enough for professional use also in larger areas. Lid opening is hydraulic and operated from Avant’s driver seat. By lifting the loader boom and tilting the mower forward the collector box can be emptied into a container, skip etc. Collector box is pivoted in the front and can be tilted forward for easier maintenance. Two indicator arrows on the Optifloat™ quick attach plate make adjustment of the floating very easy. The wheels are foam filled, puncture free rubber tyres.

  • Equipped with OptifloatTM–system
  • Fast and easy floating adjustment with indicator arrows on the Optifloat™
  • More cutting power for challenging mowing conditions
  • Side discharge as standard, mulching kit available as an option
  • Rounded edges – less damage to trees, buildings etc. in case of contact
  • Puncture free, foam filled rubber tyres
  • Vacuum fan can be turned off and the unit can be used as a mulching mower only.

The Avant collecting mower 1500 attachment is compatible with the following models:

  • R35, 630, 635, 640, 735, 745, 750, 755i, 760i, 850, 860i.

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Since 1991, Avant Tecno has manufactured more than 70 000 loaders at their manufacturing plant in Ylöjärvi, Finland. The company has sales offices in Germany, UK and US, and import partners in more than 55 countries.

The development of Avant Loaders began 25 years ago. The core group of Avant had already over ten years of experience in developing different kind of agricultural machinery. They noticed that for one of the toughest jobs in cow farms, silage distribution inside cow houses, there were no proper and cost-effective machines available.

From this standpoint, the first Avant was born: skid steer loader, equipped with 11-horsepower gasoline engine, which was able to distribute feed to 50-80 cows in 10-15 minutes, twice a day, 365 days a year. A task, which was previously done with wheelbarrow and shovel.

Cutting width – 1500 mm
Height – 1100 mm
Blades – 3 pcs
Cutting height – 25 – 100 mm
Collector box volume – 800 L
Weight – 430 kg
Product no – A37411