Kramer Telehandlers stand out as the epitome of robustness and longevity in today’s market. They serve as ideal partners for various tasks, such as stacking straw bales, material handling, or tending to animals, ensuring efficient performance in every job.


Highly adaptable

Kramer telehandlers are versatile machines capable of tackling a wide array of tasks. With a vast assortment of available attachments and supplementary customization options, these machines can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of each customer.

Exceptionally robust

Kramer telehandlers are well-prepared to handle any challenge. The load stabilizer for the telescopic arm plays a vital role in this regard. The lifting, tipping, and telescopic cylinders are fitted with end position damping, which helps absorb hydraulic system pressure spikes and machine fluctuations.

Unmatched efficiency

The telescopic loaders feature automatic bucket retraction, infinitely adjustable speed control, and exceptional all-around visibility. Notably, the Smart Handling system offers three distinct modes to cater to various needs, enhancing the end user’s efficiency, safety, and comfort during operation.




Kramer range

KT276 – The Compact Multi-talent

The KT276 boasts a 75hp Stage V engine and a precise joystick for loading cycles. Its robust hydraulic pump ensures quick work cycles, and it offers two cab heights: low for tight spaces (2x2m class) and raised for full visibility.

  • Engine: Drive output 75hp
  • Payload (max.): 2,700kg
  • Stacking height (max.): 5,730mm
  • Warranty: 3000 hours - 3 years

Est. Price: £57,000

KT356 – The Intelligent All-rounder

The intelligent Kramer KT356 impresses with a high degree of safety and flexibility. The machine has a payload of 3.5 t and a stacking height of 6m. The maneuverability of the telehandler, as well as the Kramer quickhitch plate, provide maximum flexibility in daily application.

  • Engine: Drive output 136hp
  • Payload (max.): 3,500kg
  • Stacking height (max.): 6,150mm

Est. Price: £86,500

KT407 – Performance Meets Compact Design

The KT407 has a 4-ton payload, 7m stacking height, hydrostatic drive for speed up to 40 km/h, comfortable cabin, and color-coded controls for safe operation.

  • Engine: Drive output 136hp
  • Payload (max.): 4,000kg
  • Stacking height (max.): 7,000mm

Est. Price: £92,500

KT3610 – Aiming High with Compact Dimensions

The KT3610, a “compact all-rounder” like the KT407, measures 5.03 meters in length (without the bucket) and 2.28 meters in width. With an operating weight of 8,200 kg (option-dependent), it achieves a max stacking height of 9.50 m and a payload of 3.6 t with its 3-part telescopic arm.

  • Engine: Drive output 136hp
  • Payload (max.): 3,600kg
  • Stacking height (max.): 9,500mm

Est. Price: £97,000

KT457 – The Versatile and Powerful Telehandler

The KT457 is a powerful telescopic handler for agriculture, featuring a 4.5 t payload, 7 m stacking height, and impressive stability during handling, thanks to lateral arm support.

  • Engine: Drive output 136hp
  • Payload (max.): 4,500kg
  • Stacking height (max.): 7,017mm

Est. Price: £98,500

KT557 – Flexibility and Efficiency in One

Kramer’s KT557: a versatile machine blending wheel loader strength and telehandler benefits. It offers a 7 m stacking height, 5.5 t payload, efficient Deutz engine, and adaptable features for diverse applications.

  • Engine: Drive output 156hp
  • Payload (max.): 5,500kg
  • Stacking height (max.): 7,017mm

Est. Price: £113,500

KT559 – For Your Everyday Masterpiece

The flagship KT559 offers a 5.5 t lift capacity and 8.75 m stacking height. With a powerful 156 hp Deutz engine generating 609 Nm torque and a max. bucket volume of 4 m³, it excels in professional agricultural applications, effortlessly handling trailer loads of up to 20 t.

  • Engine: Drive output 156hp
  • Payload (max.): 5,500kg
  • Stacking height (max.): 8,750mm

Est. Price: £115,000

Wheeled Loaders

KL14.5 – Performance in Perfect Proportion

KL14.5 exhibits agility in maneuvering, dynamism in power delivery, and sleekness in design. With an optimized power-to-weight ratio, reduced shipping weight, and consistently higher payload capacity, this machine serves as the perfect assistant for stacking or loading materials in tight spaces.

  • Engine: Drive output 38.8hp
  • Payload (max.): 700kg
  • Operating weight: 1,900 - 2,400 kg

Est. Price: £POA

KL18.5 – Efficiency in Every Detail

KL18.5 impresses with its special refinements: Additional weights, called “Smart Ballast” at Kramer, which can simply be attached to the rear of the machine, enable an adjustment of the weight and thus the tipping load. By removing the weight, easy transport on a 3.5 t trailer is possible.

  • Engine: Drive output 46hp
  • Payload (max.): 1,200kg
  • Operating weight: 2,850 - 3,300 kg

Est. Price: £POA