The modern combine harvester, or simply combine is a machine that helps farmers harvest different grain crops from the earth. A combine has three different operations reaping, threshing, and winnowing which it turns into one single process!

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The famous John Deere gator is a small but tough utility vehicle. They can have lots of different uses like getting around the farm quickly, carrying heavy equipment, even helping look after golf courses! Can you think of any uses for a John Deere gator?

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This is the John Deere 8RX tractor! It has 4 tracks which make it perfect for driving on different types of soil all over the world. This tractor is 18.7 tones which is almost the same as 9 elephants!

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Match the question to the answer to test how much you know about farming in East Anglia!

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How much of the UK’s vegetables are grown in Norfolk and Suffolk? 20%
How many eggs do British hens lay a year? 10 billion
How much grain is harvested from each square metre of wheat? 1kg
How much sugar does 1 square metre of sugar beet produce? 1.5kg
How do some modern dairy farms milk their cows? Using robots
What is the biggest land use in East Anglia? Cereals
How much of the UK’s sugar beet is grown in Norfolk and Suffolk? 50%

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Join Zoe from Ben Burgess on a virtual John Deere tractor ride. Learn about the different types of John Deere tractors as well as seeing the tractor in action!

Watch real John Deere tractors & farmers at work.

Watch how a John Deere combine can harvest the grain crop!

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