Trimax Snake S2 320

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The Trimax Snake is an accumulation of over 35 years of innovation, engineering and customer insight. Today the Trimax Snake can be found on some of the worlds most prestigious golf courses.

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The Trimax Snake S2 320 Mower is the accumulation of over 35 years of Trimax innovation, engineering and customer insight. Suitable for compact tractors 35hp and above the Trimax Snake S2 320 Mower has been designed specifically for sports turf and golf courses and is used on some of the most prestigious golf courses around the world.

Trimax Snakes cutting system has been studied by the Sports Turf Institute of New Zealand and declared to produce a cut of equal quality to cylinder mowers but with the versatility and reliability of Trimax’s famous rotary design. They’ve seamlessly combined their world class cut quality and added articulation capabilities never seen before on a Trimax mower.


  • EASY HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT – Clearly displayed stainless steel height indicators allow for easy adjustment of cut heights.
  • ARTICULATION ABILITY – With three articulating decks the Snake has the ability to follow contours with minimal scalping.
  • ZERO TURN – Allows continuous cutting while turning sharply for maximum productivity.
  • LAZERBLADEZ – Achieves a superior cut and finish and are more cost efficient than cylinder reels or solid blade beams.
  • AUTOMATIC BELT TENSIONERS – Eliminates the need for belt adjustments and improves drive to the spindles and blades.
  • LOCTEK ROLLER BEARING RETENTION SYSTEM – A stubless roller retention system for vastly improved alignment, bearing life and replacement ease.
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY – Trimax build mowers that last and they’re supported with a 3 year industry leading warranty.
  • FULL WIDTH ROLLERS – Full width front and rear rollers follow contours and provide excellent anti-scalp protection.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE – Maintenance free pivot bushes and SteadFast Sealed Spindles which don’t require greasing.
  • QUIKLIFT – Enables mower decks to be raised without disengaging the PTO to traverse driveways, paths and pavements.

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Originating in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand in the 1980’s, Trimax Mowers were originally developed for the booming New Zealand Kiwifruit industry. But demand soon grew from groundsmen and turf managers who had heard of the mowers’ reputation for durability, quality of cut and low maintenance.

Today Trimax designs and manufactures a wide range of rotary and flail equipment, which has become the benchmark worldwide. From England’s Windsor Castle to US PGA Championship courses, we’re continuing to raise the bar on results.

Read more about Trimax’s history here.

Cutting Width – 3234 mm (127″)
No. Of Blade Spindles – 9
Overall Width – 3372 mm (133″)
Approx. Weight – 1280 kg
Overall Length – 3500 mm (138″)
Minimum PTO Output – 35 hp
Transport Length – 3160 mm (125″)
Cut Height Range – 10 – 100 mm (⅜” – 4”)
Transport Height – 1860 mm (73″)
Warranty (Years) – 3
Work-rate (6 miles/hr) – 7 acres/hr