NGK B6HS Spark Plug 4510

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NGK B6HS Spark Plug 4510

Suitable for following applications:

  • Agria 3400 (Rotax) 2-Stroke, Agria 3400 (Mag) 4-Stroke,
  • Agria 5500 (Rotax) 2-Stroke, Agria 0300, Agria 1400, Agria 2400 (JLO engine 05/77-), Agria 3300 (JLO engine),
  • Bernard Stationary engines
  • Flymo Contractor GT2-6
  • Ford Ø14mm Plug
  • Fuji ECP5, Fuji EC06, FujiE C07, Fuji EC05-2N/D, Fuji ECP6AB/AD, Fuji EC06B, Fuji EC06D, Fuji EC07-2B/D,
  • Fuji FG14111, Fuji CB06, Fuji KC252A, Fuji RT40, Fuji RT50, Fuji RT60, Fuji SD06, Fuji SD06-B, Fuji SP06B,
  • Harry 302 DFB, Harry 451 DFB, Harry 471 DFB,
  • Hirth 130W1, Hirth 130W2, Hirth 240, 241,
  • Honda E1500K4, Honda E2500K4, Honda E3500K1, Honda E4500, Honda ES4500, Honda ET4500,
  • Honda EB1500, Honda EM1500, Honda EB1900, Honda EM1900, Honda ED1000A, Honda EG1000A, Honda EG1400Z, Honda EG1500,
  • Honda EG1500K4, Honda ER1500, Honda GED18, Honda GED19R/RE/S/SE, Honda GED20, Honda 21, Honda 22, Honda 25, Honda 30, Honda 35,
  • Honda GEF13, Honda GEF15, Honda GEF18, Honda GEF20/22/25/30, Honda HED60R, Honda G20, Honda G30, Honda G35, Honda G40, Honda G41, Honda G42,
  • Honda G45, Honda G50, Honda G65, Honda G65 K1, Honda G80, Honda GV35,
  • Iseki KF53G-2X
  • Isuzu GX-15
  • Jacobsen Robin EY25W
  • Jlo-Rockwell L26, Jlo-Rockwell L35, Jlo-Rockwell L77, Jlo-Rockwell L77UF45, Jlo-Rockwell L79, Jlo-Rockwell L99,
  • Jlo-Rockwell L252, Jlo-Rockwell L253, Jlo-Rockwell L372 78–> Ø14mm Plug, Jlo-Rockwell MM525,
  • Jlo-Rockwell MM540, Jlo-Rockwell RM77, Jlo-Rockwell RM79, Jlo-Rockwell RM99,
  • Jobu Junior
  • Jonsered RS38
  • Kawasaki KT43V (TZ110V), Kawasaki KF24D (FZ098D), Kawasaki KF24G (FZ098G)
  • Komatsu Zenoah EB40, Komatsu Zenoah EB43, Komatsu Zenoah FBC12, Komatsu Zenoah FBC26, Komatsu Zenoah BC324B,
  • Komatsu Zenoah FB26, Komatsu Zenoah FBC12, Komatsu Zenoah PE40,
  • Lauson HH130, Lauson HH140, Lauson HH150, Lauson HH160 (½”, 12.7mm Thread Reach),
  • Mag (Motosacoche) 1014 SRL, Mag (Motosacoche) 1017 SRL,
  • Mag (Motosacoche) 1021 SRL, Mag (Motosacoche) 1026 SRL, Mag (Motosacoche) 1029 SRL,
  • Mag (Motosacoche) 1040 SRL, Mag (Motosacoche) 1045 SRL, Mag (Motosacoche) 2076 SRL,
  • Makita G2410R, Makita G3510R, Makita G3511R,
  • Minarelli C2 01/81-11/85, Minarelli G1, Minarelli H3 05/81-12/81, Minarelli V1, Minarelli A, Minarelli N, Minarelli V1AKS,
  • Minarelli V1KS, Minarelli NKS, Minarelli V1L 09/82–>05/86, Minarelli V1LKS 09/82–>05/86, Minarelli V1P, Minarelli KS 04/78–>05/86,
  • Motori-Beta All models
  • Robin EC04-3E, Robin 04V, Robin EC05D B, Robin 06D, Robin 07D B, Robin EC16EC17D B, Robin VEC25D, Robin EC3D, Robin EY10D B, Robin EY13-2D B,
  • Robin EH17-2, Robin EH25-2,
  • Robin EY14D B, Robin EY15D, Robin BEY18-3D B, Robin EY20D B, Robin EY21AB BS, Robin EY25-2D B, Robin EY27-2D B, Robin EY35D B,
  • Robin EY40D B, Robin EY44-2D B, Robin EY88-FG14, Robin LG071, Robin 101, Robin 151, Robin 201, Robin 301,
  • Robin LG120, Robin 180, Robin 240, Robin R1200, Robin RG10, Robin 15, Robin 17, Robin 20, Robin 25, Robin 30, Robin 33,
  • Robin RG50, Robin 121, Robin 151, Robin 201, Robin 301, Robin 401, Robin RXG180, Robin 240, Robin 305, Robin 405, Robin 505,
  • Rotax Stamo: 75, Rotax Stamo: 95,
  • Ruggerini RA23P, Ruggerini RA24B, Ruggerini RA26P, Ruggerini RA27, Ruggerini RA29P, Ruggerini RA30B,
  • Sachs Famo 50, Sachs 50/1 M1, Sachs 50/1, Sachs MA SF, Sachs 50/2 C, Sachs Famo 50/2 D NL/DK/KDK/KS,
  • Shibaura GM222, Shibaura R63AW,
  • Solo 237, Solo Combimotor 272, Solo 236, Solo 520, Solo 549, Solo 554, Solo 554L, Solo 563, Solo 563L, Solo Profit 549,
  • Steyr AX25,
  • Steyr Maxi, Steyr Maxi (Alpa), Steyr Maxi (Grainchen), Steyr Maxi (KTM), Steyr Maxi 2 (KTM), Steyr MS50 A-SZ, Steyr VS50 D (1HP),
  • Steyr X30 N 2 A, Steyr X30S Allegro,
  • Stuart Turner Ø14mm Plug,
  • Tecumseh 12HP OH120, Tecumseh 14HP HH140, Tecumseh OH140, Tecumseh 15HP HH150, Tecumseh OH150, Tecumseh 16HP HH160, Tecumseh OH160,
  • Villiers 1F, Villiers 2F, Villiers 2G, Villiers 3G, Villiers 3 Fan Cooled, Villiers 4F,
  • Villiers 4G, Villiers 5G, Villiers 6G, Villiers 7G, Villiers 8G, Villiers 10D, Villiers 11D, Villiers 12D,
  • Villiers 13D, Villiers 30C, Villiers 78cc, Villiers 150cc 4/44, Villiers 512H, Villiers 515H, Villiers 515V, Villiers 507H-1,
  • Villiers MK15, Villiers 15/2, Villiers 15HS
  • Volkswagen 1131cc
  • Wisconsin EY14W, Wisconsin EY18W, Wisconsin EY18-3W, Wisconsin EY25W, Wisconsin EY27W, Wisconsin EY44W,
  • Wisconsin W1-080/150/230/280, Wisconsin W1T-125V, Wisconsin W1-450V,
  • Wolf Sachs engine
  • Yamaha ET1500 81–>

Details about NGK B6HS:

Thread diameter: 14mm
Thread reach: 12.7mm
Seat type: flat
Hex size: 21mm
Tip configuration: non projected
Construction: Standard construction
Terminal type: Removable

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