Precision Ag at Ben Burgess

23 September 2021 Ben Burgess News

BB Staff Refresher Training

Precision Ag at Ben Burgess is one of the key factors that assist in delivering premium customer support. Fine tuning of machines and implements by one of the seven Precision Ag Consultants who operate across East Anglia and beyond provides the foundation for getting the most in terms of performance out their customers’ John Deere products. Each machine receives a tailored set up specific to individual customers and their way of farming. Years of comprehensive data analysis empowers Ben Burgess’s Precision Ag team with a skillset that can save their customers both time and money. In addition, training is provided to ensure confidence with the technology amongst operators and farm managers.

As soon as any “Connected Machine” (a machine with JDLink ) is set off, with the owner’s permission, Ben Burgess are able to continually monitor the machine’s performance by making use of unique reports which allow their team to consult on functional adjustments.

BB Precision Ag in cab
BB Precision Ag in cab

JDLink also provides a conduit to a platform called Expert Alerts which combines intelligent algorithms with a smart prioritising system, which can predict a possible machine failure. Having consent switched on for Expert Alerts takes peace of mind to the next level for customers. Which means that when Ben Burgess receive a ‘Critical Expert Alert’, a member of their support team can offer support immediately. By using JDLink to remotely access the machine means they are often able to gather enough information before attending the machine to enable a first-time fix.

More recently, John Deere have launched an industry-leading “Performance Alerts” system which focuses on optimising machine performance, allowing Ben Burgess to assist their customers with enhancing machine operation, as they are working.

Data created by machines as they operate has become an important part of the agricultural world and it is one of Ben Burgess’s priorities to assist in the collection and interpretation of this valuable commodity. Then present to their customers the story it tells and the opportunities it highlights. However, data on its own doesn’t produce an efficient smooth-running farm. It needs to be stored safely, accessed easily, worked with and of course utilised. This is where the John Deere MyOperations Center comes in. This platform can collect all data generated by JDLink enabled machines (not just John Deere), store field boundaries, A-B lines, produce application prescriptions and store all historical field data. All of which enables Farm Owners and Managers to make informed decisions for the following years cropping season.

BB Precision Ag Field Optimasation
BB Precision Ag Field Optimasation

In addition to the multitude of digital tools and data Ben Burgess’s seven strong Precision Ag team have available to them, they pride themselves on their knowledge and expertise, built up over a combined total of 70 years’ experience. With the increased demands and difficulties faced in farming over the last 2 years due to weather pressures and the pandemic, it is more important to Ben Burgess than ever before to ensure customers maintain access to their wealth of Precision Ag knowledge. This prompted the introduction of ground-breaking centralised communication system called Expert Connect. Expert Connect ensures customers always have access to a consultant when they need it most through one centralised mobile phone-based App.

Combining these elements and building data-based partnerships allows the Ben Burgess Precision Ag team to provide solutions that really make a difference to farmers and their operations, as together they embrace the next generation of farming.