The Väderstad Tempo Planter

Unmatched precision at high speed

Väderstad Tempo is a new generation high-speed planter, delivering unmatched precision at double the speed of traditional planters. No-till, min-till or conventional tillage – Tempo performs exceptionally in all conditions. The crop gets the best start possible which results in an even emergence.

PowerShoot – High Speed = Highly Precise

On traditional planters, the seed falls freely through the seed tube from the seed meter down to the soil and much of the precision of the seed meter is lost.

This is where Tempo, with its pressurised seed meter, stands out from the crowd. Thanks to the PowerShoot technology, which uses air pressure to maintain full control of the seed all the way down to the soil, gravity is removed from the equation so speed is not an issue for Tempo.

No-till, min-till or conventional tillage

Tempo is capable of planting with up to 325kg coulter pressure. This enables high-speed planting in a wide range of field conditions and tillage systems.

To save moisture and increase capacity during hectic periods on the farm it is possible to plant directly into the stubble. The heavy-duty row unit and effective row cleaners allow the Tempo to deliver perfect results in all conditions.

Väderstad Tempo Planters

Väderstad L 12 (Trailed)

Superior precision – enormous capacity

Tempo L is a trailed high-speed planter with an enormous capacity, available with 8, 10, 12, 16, 18 or 24 row units. Tempo L doubles the capacity of a traditional planter. Most importantly, the crop is established with higher precision. Tempo L sets a new standard for high capacity planting

Price: £138,500 +VAT


Vaderstad V 12 (mounted with front tank)

Maximum versatility

The mounted high-speed planter Tempo V is available with 6 to 12 row units, including odd numbers. The ability to use the same machine for multiple crops often means that two traditional planters can be replaced. This increases usage and lower the hectare costs. In combination with the front hopper FH 2200, Tempo V is able to combi-drill fertiliser at high speed.

Price: £115,000 +VAT


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