Super compact loaders with high output!

The most powerful loaders in the world in their size class

Underlining the Avant ideology of small but mighty machines, the new 645i & 650i models are the most compact over 26 hp Stage V / Tier 4 Final loaders in the world. In these models, the power of the 700 series is packed into the frame of the 600 series. Ideal for demanding professional use, these super compact loaders have plenty of power and torque for both thrust and speed-intensive work. Thanks to their high-flow auxiliary hydraulics, they can run practically any Avant attachment very well.

Super compact with high output

These models have Kubota’s 4-cylinder turbocharged common rail engine (33 kW/44 hp) which is more powerful than any other engine in the 600 series ever, providing plenty of power and torque for both thrust and speed-intensive work. Since the engine is very powerful, there’s no need to run it at full speed, which makes it fuel efficient and quiet. In fact, these models are our most silent ones after the full-electric Avant e series. Thanks to the particulate filter, there will be no smoke or smell in the job site.

Extremely versatile

Due to their very powerful auxiliary hydraulics (max. 75 l/min), the 645i and 650i can run practically all Avant attachments with ease – big snow blowers or crushers will not be a problem to these all-rounders. You can push and use the attachments very powerfully at the same time. Go ahead and pick your favorite from the largest range of attachments in the world – we have over 200 different attachments to choose from.

Superior comfort

In addition to the standard ROPS/FOPS cab, the optional GT cab is a modern air-conditioned, vibration insulated comfort zone for the driver. A low noise level combined with excellent visibility and ergonomics guarantees a comfortable full day’s work in the cab. The GT cab can be equipped following the customers’ needs: with A/C, Bluetooth radio, air suspension seat, etc. It is the best cab in the market – period.

Low on weight

The low own weight of the loaders makes them very easy to transport on a trailer or a van. Despite their high output, these small but mighty machines are still very gentle on turf surfaces.