Perfect Preparation

Preparation is a crucial step in the farming year, and utilisation of Precision Ag can help you create the best possible seedbed. Whatever your system, John Deere has guidance solutions to improve your seedbed preparation and minimise soil compaction. These solutions can speed up cultivations and eliminate gaps and overlaps while maintaining consistent row spacing for all implements across the farming year.


Autopath creates guidance lines using maps generated during the first pass in the field. It records the tramlines in the John Deere Operations Center™ and creates accurate guidelines for any subsequent work in the field, for implements of any size from strip till to harvest. Over the year this reduces crop damage and guidance line set-up time.


AutoTrac technology offers you completely handsfree steering for: less stress, faster working and reduced overlaps and gaps.

Other benefits:

  • Accurate to +/-2.5cm
  • Up to 8%* input cost reduction – depending on the application
  • Up to 14%** productivity increase
  • Longer working days in low visibility conditions
  • Reduced soil compaction

AutoTrac™ Turn Automation

AutoTrac Turn Automation™ technology offers handsfree steering at the end of rows for accurate and stress-free headland turns. You’ll get perfect headlands faster and with less soil compaction.

Other Benefits:

  • Reduced headland skips and overlaps
  • Reduced fertiliser, chemicals and fuel input costs
  • Minimised soil compaction on headlands
  • More comfort, less operator stress

Keeping Implements in Line

AutoTrac™ Implement Guidance Passive

Implement Guidance Passive allows you to achieve the highest precision standards on any terrain by changing the path of the tractor to compensate for implement drift. All you need is a second receiver for your implement, a harness and an Ultimate activation. The implement shared signal StarFire™ communicates its exact position to the AutoTrac™ system on the tractor allowing the tractor to adjust its path accordingly. This stops the weight of your pull-type implement causing downhill drift, gaps and overlaps.

John Deere Active Implement Guidance

Active Implement Guidance uses two StarFire™ Recievers, one on the tractor and one on the implement and RTK or SF3 signals can be used to follow straight, curved or circular tracks. Correctional signals can be shared in dual-receiver applications. Benefits include perfectly aligned tracks so no crop damage on subsequent passes, lower risk of irrigation pipe damage, and straight furrows and seedbeds.

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