GreenStar 4200 Gen 4 CommandCenter Display

The 4200 CommandCenter provides a 21.3-cm (8.4–in.) value spec solution for producers wanting a display that is AutoTrac™ guidance, Section Control, Data Sync, and ISOBUS documentation capable only. Offering AutoTrac, Section Control, Data Sync and ISOBUS documentation Ag Management Solutions (AMS) technology in addition to monitoring machine functions provides operators with an economical display, enabling core AMS functionality while maximizing visibility to operations outside the cab.

GreenStar 4240 Gen 4 Universal Display

The 4240 Universal Display provides the latest update and improved operating experience for legacy John Deere machines and mixed-fleet operators loaded with benefits such as documentation and variable-rate application functionality included in base price of the display, easy setup and startup of operations, documentation and setup data exchange with John Deere Operations Center through Wireless Data Transfer (WDT) and the ability to precisely map and operate Section Control for up to 255 sections for all ISOBUS implements.

GreenStar 4640 Gen 4 Universal Display

The 4640 offers the latest John Deere display technology offered in a moveable and user-friendly Gen 4 experience. Providing enhanced usability, increased performance, and greater operator choice, the 4640 Universal Display delivers value by offering all that is available with the 4240 as well as precision application of multiple products simultaneously with individual coverage maps and application points, fully automated headland turns with AutoTrac Turn Automation, passive Autotrac implement guidance and the ability to share coverage map and guidance lines seamlessly with up to six machines.