Pruning Saw Super Accel 210-7.5

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The Super Accel is a lightweight (195 g), but strong pull saw that is the favorite of many gardeners. This versatile folding saw is useful to keep on hand and easy to store in your toolbox.

Even in difficult situations, the Super Accel is easy to handle. For example, pruning in densely grown spaces or pruning overhead while on a ladder. The perfect angle between the handle and the blade lets you make cuts at an approximate 10 degree angle. This requires less force and causes less vibrations, so you can cut very smooth and fast. The Super Accel cuts smooth and fast, like a hot knife through butter! Moreover, it is a pleasure to work with.

If you aren’t used to cutting with a Silky saw, be aware that the razor sharp teeth cut rapidly through the wood. Even after repeated use, the teeth stay sharp and always leaves a smooth, clean cut that the tree can recover easily from.

When not using the Super Accel, the blade folds easily with the locking mechanism. The sharp teeth are safely covered by the rubber handle. When you need the saw, you can fold it out easily thanks to the notch in the blade, even when wearing gloves. With the lock mechanism, you can securely lock the blade in two different positions.

The aluminum handle is bolstered with rubber to absorb vibrations and guarantee a good grip. Super Accel owes its name to the word “acceleration” which this saw excels at!