John Deere 8R 410 1:32 Scale Model

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A bonnet drawn down towards the front followed by a distinctly angular cab: The John Deere 8R 410 1:32 Scale Model is clearly a creature of it’s own unique making. The same applies to the 1:32 precision model which WIKING is now presenting, capturing the look and feel of the original.

  • Movable top and lower links
  • Extendable top link on rear
  • Opening rear window
  • Rotating driver’s seat
  • Adjustable exterior mirrors
  • Steering controllable using steering wheel

One look at the tyres with their knobbly profile and at the technically astounding rear is enough to perceive the John Deere 8R 410 as a model that is pleasing all around. The precision model ships in optimised packaging, which shows detailed images with great appeal on the outside of the box and is made of reinforced material. A QR code links you to the homepage in seconds and lets you tap a wealth of additional background information, product descriptions and 360° image material. Forgoing the use of polystyrene, WIKING trusts in protective inner packaging including a robust moulded fibre part that helps conserve resources.

It is thanks to the cooperation between John Deere and BMW Designworks in California that the new 8R immediately stands out from the rest of the type line-up. And, a look under the model’s bonnet clearly reveals that the WIKING designers devoted a great deal of attention to the power plant that lets the vehicle generate an awesome amount of power. In real life, the 8R operates with a powerful six cylinder engine made by Deere Power Systems (DPS), which boasts a respectable engine displacement of 9.0 l, while the 8R 410 even comes with a twin turbo. This lets the prototype of the top model in the series generate a rated power and maximum power of 302 kW/410 HP and 326 kW/443 HP, respectively.