New brands at Ben Burgess!

23 January 2020 Ben Burgess News

We are pleased to bring three new brands to Ben Burgess Coates, Ellington, Newmarket and to our online shop! Our three new brands are…

House of Cheviot
Originating in Hawick, Scotland, House of Cheviot creates luxury socks for country, shooting and highland wear. Their socks are made from only the best yarns using cashmere and merino wool. House of Cheviot can be purchased in our online shop as well as in our Coates, Ellington and Newmarket dealerships.

Le Chameau
Established in 1927, Le Chameau has been utilising innovative methods, processes and technology to create their boots. Le Chameau boots can but bought in our Newmarket, Ellington and Coates dealerships as well as online.

Hull Cartridges
A family business manufacturing ammunition for all levels, whether you’re just entering the sport, an experienced shot or a seasoned professional, they have a specification designed to meet your needs, instil confidence and help you excel. Hull Cartridges can only be bought from Newmarket, Ellington and Coates showrooms.