John Deere RUN 51 Petrol Mower

£609.00(inc. VAT)

• 20” Cutting width
• Deck material: Steel
• Single speed drive
• Cutting Height 35-75mm Single lever height of cut adjustment
• Briggs & Stratton engine easy start with READYSTART®
• Bag capacity 52L
• Light weight textile bag with bag full indicator
• 2 Year Warranty

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It’s What You Don’t Notice That Really Makes The Difference.
Satisfy your individual mowing requirements with the John Deere range of lawn mowers. With industry-leading technology like TurboStar fan-assisted collection and cast aluminium decks, you can expect seamless performance every time. Choose from a broad range of size, power and performance features across our extensive range. Plus, all these machines are supported by our specialised dealer network for continued peace of mind.

Petrol Mowers RUN Series

The Way to RUN your Garden
The new John Deere RUN models are so easy to handle, your garden will be done in no time. For reliability and a perfect cut every time, look no further.

Just Mow It
A single speed drive system and READYSTART® engine means RUN models are simple to start and use – no manual pushing effort required.

Ready to go
The Run Series models use proven, reliable four-stroke ReadyStart petrol engines. Even on chilly mornings, they start straight away – thanks to an automatic choke system that works just like the one in your car.



Easy-to-use engine provides power reserve for all mowing conditions
Benefits of the Briggs & Stratton® 625 Series engine include:

  • · Enough power (2,6 kW) to handle many mowing conditions
  • · Good parts and service availability, should it ever be required
  • · Light weight to assist transport and manoeuvring
  • · Easy to access air filter for cleaning or changing: no tools are required.
  • · No dirty hands, no time and money spent on oil changes: due to better sealing and lower running temperature of the engine, the entrance of dirt into the oil circuit is minimized. This allows the engine to run without a need of an oil change over the engine’s lifetime. Operators need to check the oil level and potentially top the oil up when needed. The engine uses standard high-quality oil as per similar engines, nothing specially designed for this type of engine. Operators with the desire to maximize lifetime of their mower can of course ask the dealer to change the oil.
  • · Hassle-free start in spring by draining the fuel off using the carburettor bleeding screw. This helps to prevent fuel going off over wintertime.
  • · Increased lifetime and fewer repairs on the carburettor. The carburettor is made out of plastic to avoid fuel degrading as it tends to with metal carburettors. Also, the polymer material reduces the chance for varnish or gumming so it keeps the engine cleaner. Ethanol attracts water, which can cause corrosion in metal carburettors, so corrosion is also being prevented. A moulded plastic, instead of machined metal carburettor, keeps consistent product quality.

Briggs & Stratton is a trademark of Briggs & Stratton Corporation.

Single-speed drive for moderate gardens
Mowing without fatigue is easy with the single-speed drive.

  • . Drive lever is positioned so that it allows engaging traction in various hand positions on the handle.
  • . Belt clutch is located on the transmission input for smooth engagement.
  • . Freewheeling when not engaged to allow pushing and pulling the mower easily for trimming and transporting.

Steel deck is durable and easy to clean
All RUN Series Mowers are equipped with a durable stamped-steel mowing deck. Smooth contours ensure good grass flow for a clean and efficient cut.

The smooth deck also prevents grass sticking and is easy to clean with a broom or scraper.

Collection bag keeps the packed grass and dust inside
The durable and attractive rear-discharge bag makes grass collection easy with the RUN mowers.

  • . Large capacity for long intervals between emptying of clippings.
  • . Bag design allows installation and removal in seconds.
  • . The large mouth and the moulded grip at the underside makes dumping grass clippings easy
  • . Textile baggers limit dust accumulation whilst plastic bags with their larger openings allow dust to exit easier.
  • . Bags are coloured black to maintain a clean impression.
  • . Compared to a plastic bag, the textile bagger does not open when going up steps e.g., between patio and garden. The rear of the bag will be pushed up by contacting ground, but the flexible textile bag remains on the mower. A plastic bag will be completely pushed up at the rear, resulting in grass dumping.

Central cutting height adjustment enables easy and simple adoption to changing growth conditions
Benefits of the central height of cut include:

  • . Ability to adjust the cutting height to different growth conditions with a single lever or button with up to nine settings (depending on model)
  • . Possibility to cut very low grass in well-maintained gardens
  • . Support extensive lawn care with very high upper setting
  • . The spring-loaded system requires minimal force
  • . A printed scale indicates cut height in mm and remains easy to read for years of operation
  • . The lever is designed to prevent squeezing hands when adjusting it and to avoid catching branches with it when cleaning up the boundaries of a garden.