John Deere R43EL Electric Mower

£419.00(inc. VAT)

• 17” Cutting width
• TurboStar System ensures great collection in all conditions
• Push
• Bag capacity: 55 litre
• Weight: 26 kg
• Powerful electric motor
• Cutting Height 22-80mm Single lever height of cut adjustment
• Clean power, no fumes, less noise, less vibrations & no local emission’s
• Die-cast aluminium deck, with a 15 year warranty*
• Adjustable Handlebars, for operator comfort
• Light weight textile bag with bag full indicator
• Start button
• 2 Year Warranty


Walk Behind Mowers

It’s What You Don’t Notice That Really Makes The Difference.
Satisfy your individual mowing requirements with the John Deere range of lawn mowers. With industry-leading technology like TurboStar fan-assisted collection and cast aluminium decks, you can expect seamless performance every time. Choose from a broad range of size, power and performance features across our extensive range. Plus, all these machines are supported by our specialised dealer network for continued peace of mind.

Electric Mowers
Why Compromise On Convenience?
If you enjoy the simple life, a John Deere plug-and-go electric lawn mower is for you. The easy operation, robust mower deck and TurboStar mowing system ensure a great-looking finish with minimum effort. No need to worry about refilling with fuel, an electric powered lawnmower means you can simply plug in the cable and begin.

Whatever the weather, the proven TurboStar System ensures a precision cut and great collection every time. Even in damp conditions, the air flow generated by the blade draws the grass up straight before cutting; it also removes leaves from your lawn. After cutting, the air vacuum blows the clippings into the collection bag smoothly and efficiently. The TurboStar Fill indicator makes life even easier by alerting you in good time when the bag is almost full.

Powerful Engine
For reliable and consistent performance, the R40EL features a 1.3 kW induction motor that automatically stops when the operator-presence control on the handlebar is released.

Quality Deck
The R40EL features a 40cm (15in.) high quality polypropylene deck. The quality of construction is highlighted by the 10 year consumer warranty given to the deck. In addition to strength it is also lightweight for easy handling.

Plug and mow
If you enjoy the simple life, a John Deere electric lawn mower is for you. The easy operation, robust mower deck and TurboStar mowing system ensure a great-looking finish with minimum effort.

Compact, lightweight and robust – the R40EL is the perfect solution for smaller gardens.

Plug and mow
If you enjoy the simple life, a John Deere electric lawn mower is for you. The easy operation, robust mower deck and TurboStar mowing system ensure a great-looking finish with minimum effort.


The R43EL combines the robust construction of an aluminium deck with the silent power of an electric motor.

Push mowers – the solution for active owners

  • . Push mowers are the economic choice within the lineup and come with the least weight
  • . Achieve straight lines with minimal effort: the straight-handle design makes it easy to push the mower forward.
  • . The clean design of the handlebar makes operation very intuitive.
  • . The stiff handlebar enables precise steering and efficient mowing under trees, around obstacles, and into corners, even on hills.

Aluminium mower deck ensures excellent performance through many years

  • · Deeply contoured deck design provides excellent grass lift and maximum airflow for good mowing performance in all types of grass
  • · Made of durable and lightweight polymer
  • · Made of lightweight aluminium, it prevents rust and retains an attractive appearance for many years. The smooth shape of the mower deck allows cleaning it with a brush or scraper without getting stuck on moulding imperfections or undulations in the design. This also ensures minimal grass accumulation during mowing, again avoiding any blocking situations.
  • · The mowing deck allows mowing to the edge, eliminating the need to tidy up edges with a trimmer. Use the left side of the mower for the cleanup path; it gets closer to the edge than the right side due to the discharge chute on the right.
  • · In residential applications, aluminium decks come with a 15-year warranty (refer to the branch’s warranty manual)
  • · Commercial mowers feature steel plates outside the mower deck to protect the exposed surface from damage by walls, benches, lamps etc. Inside, a steel ring extends lifetime in the cutting area of the mower deck.

Collection bag with fill signal keeps the packed grass and dust inside
The durable and attractive rear-discharge bag makes grass collection easy.

  • · Large capacity provides long intervals between emptying of clippings.
  • · The bag design allows installation and removal in seconds.
  • · The large mouth and the moulded in grip at the underside make dumping grass clippings easy.
  • · Textile baggers limit dust accumulation while plastic bags with their larger openings allow dust to exit easier.
  • · A fill indicator signals the operator when it is time to empty the bag.
  • · Bags are coloured black to keep them looking clean.
  • · No grass falls when taking the bagger out (operators will appreciate this especially in parks where people walk their dogs; having pushed back the grass from the discharge chute manually into the bagger is usually a steep learning curve).
  • · Compared to a plastic bag, the textile bagger does not open when going up steps (e.g., between patio and garden); the rear of the bag will be pushed up by contacting ground, but the flexible textile bag remains on the mower. A plastic bag will be completely pushed up at the rear, resulting in grass dumping.

Consumer mower wheels are long lasting and smooth running

  • · Made of high-impact plastic for long life.
  • · Rim caps keep dirt outside the bearing area and are very easy to clean.
  • · The tread ensures good traction and steering while also reducing buildup of cut grass.
  • · Ball bearings or high-quality bushings ensure minimal push and pull effort.
  • · A small section in the middle of the tread sticks out to provide smooth and silent movement on hard surfaces – especially during initial assembly as well as transporting to and storage.

Controls make operation intuitive and enjoyable
Controlling the machines is easy thanks to the intuitive design created purposely for the operator

  • · Grab the handlebar in many ways, eliminating fatigue effect
  • · Guide the mower from either side – perfect to cut along bushes, trees etc., without getting scratched by overhanging branches
  • · Rubber-covered bar and soft grip levers provide high comfort
  • · Long-lasting material will not leave sticky black crumbs in the operator’s hands
  • · Bowden cables are kept tight to the handlebar so they do not catch branches on the side when mowing along bushes
  • · Operating elements are colour coded for intuitive operation as on any John Deere machine: orange elements are for drive (variable-speed control in case of Walk-Behind Mowers); yellow elements control the implement (the blade).
  • · Drive-engage lever (if equipped) is located directly under the handle for fingertip control instead of extra arm movement to grab the lever
  • · Steer, manoeuvre – stiff handlebars give good feedback; weight balance makes turning simple
  • · Mowing out edges/near walls – Bowden cables well fixed to the machine, not catching branches