John Deere R40 Petrol Mower

£329.00(inc. VAT)

• 16” Cutting width
• TurboStar System ensures great collection in all conditions
• Deck material: Polypropylene
• Push
• Bag capacity: 44 litre
• Weight: 24 kg
• Cutting Height 24-75mm Single lever height of cut adjustment
• Adjustable Handlebars, for operator comfort
• Light weight textile bag with bag full indicator
• Mulching Kit: Optional
• 2 Year Warranty

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It’s What You Don’t Notice That Really Makes The Difference.
Satisfy your individual mowing requirements with the John Deere range of lawn mowers. With industry-leading technology like TurboStar fan-assisted collection and cast aluminium decks, you can expect seamless performance every time. Choose from a broad range of size, power and performance features across our extensive range. Plus, all these machines are supported by our specialised dealer network for continued peace of mind.


Why Compromise On Performance?
Every John Deere lawn mowing solution has over 180 years of experience built into it. So however big or small, your lawn will enjoy the same advanced engineering and technology as the professionals who rely on our agricultural equipment around the world.

Tempered spring steel blade
The one-piece blade is made of high-quality spring steel and manufactured in line with strict production and safety guidelines.

Adjustable Cutting Height
With a choice of six to nine settings (depending on your model), it’s easy to adjust the cutting height for different seasons and surroundings with a single lever or button.

Easy Speed Adjustment
All Select Series mowers let you adjust your speed to suit the terrain and mowing conditions. Many models even have a convenient twist knob that makes life easier still.

Peace of mind – guaranteed
The mower deck of our 43, 47 and 54 cm Select Series mowers is made of die-cast aluminium, so it can’t rust. It’s surprisingly light – yet so tough and it comes with a 15 year warranty. (The 15-year warranty covers private, personal residential use. T&Cs apply.)

Bag Fill Level Indicator
No spills: a practical indicator tells you when its time to empty the grass collector.

Electric Key Starter
Forget about cords and recoil systems. To start your John Deere, all you do is turn the key. In seconds, you’re ready to mow.

Blade Brake Clutch
The moment you release the grip, the Blade Brake Clutch (BBC) stops the blades but leaves the engine running. This lets you empty the collector and get straight back to mowing, without having to restart each time.

Automatic choke: Most Select Series models have an automatic choke for faster starts on chilly mornings. The READYSTART® engine system allows for simple starting with the recoil rope. No priming, no choke, no problem!



Compact, lightweight and robust – the R40 is the perfect solution for smaller gardens.

The exclusive TurboStar™ system ensures premium collection efficiency during operation, particularly when utilising lower heights of cut. This is because the deck features an integrated fan that creates additional airflow over and above the blade, which traditional mowers rely upon. This additional airflow creates a powerful vacuum effect that powers grass clippings efficiently into the bag for a perfect cut.

The R40 features a 40cm (15in.) high-quality polypropylene deck. The quality of construction is highlighted by the 10-year consumer warranty given to the deck. In addition to strength, it is also lightweight for easy handling.

A single button controls the height of cut for the R40, making changes very simple for the operator. It allows a selection between 25 and 75mm (1 – 3 in) providing choice for different times of the year or for varying grass requirements.

The wheels are fully enclosed which removes the potential for grass clipping build-up and are constructed of highly durable plastic. They also feature ball bearings which reduce the effort required when manoeuvring the machine.

To cater for varying heights of operator and individual preference, the handlebars can be quickly and easily adjusted with the two knobs at the bottom into pre-set positions.

For reliable and consistent performance, the R40 features a 2.1kW (at 2800 rpm) net power engine.

Zone-start system requires the engine to be started from behind the handlebar and holding down the operator-presence control, also located on the handlebar. When the control is released, the engine and blade stop.MULCH

The R40 can be easily converted to mulching with the addition of an optional mulching kit.