John Deere JS63V Variable Speed Mulching Mower

£689.00(inc. VAT)

• Deep dome deck for perfect mulching
• 21” Cutting width
• Deck Material: Steel
• Variable speed
• Weight: 40kg
• Cutting Height 20-97mm Single lever height of cut adjustment
• Adjustable Handlebars, for operator comfort
• 2 Year Warranty

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Walk Behind Mowers

It’s What You Don’t Notice That Really Makes The Difference.
Satisfy your individual mowing requirements with the John Deere range of lawn mowers. With industry-leading technology like TurboStar fan-assisted collection and cast aluminium decks, you can expect seamless performance every time. Choose from a broad range of size, power and performance features across our extensive range. Plus, all these machines are supported by our specialised dealer network for continued peace of mind.

Mulching Mowers

Why Compromise On Natural Growth?
Natural fertilisers like grass clippings are the intelligent way to keep lawns lush and healthy. We offer optional mulching kits for nearly all our walk-behind mowers, plus the JS Series, our dedicated mulching specialists. Returning nitrogen-rich clippings to your lawn lets you cut back dramatically on artificial fertilisers.

Want the same high quality finish in just two-thirds of the time? With the specially-designed blades and deep dome mower deck, the John Deere mulching mowers chop clippings small enough to be returned to the ground . There’s no need to empty the grass collector – and less need for artificial fertilisers.

Natural Goodness
The nitrogen-rich clippings are returned to the lawn as natural fertiliser. This prevents loss of nutrients and moisture and allows you cut back on artificial fertiliser usage. Natural fertilisers such as grass clippings are a good way to keep your lawn lush and healthy.

Even More Improvements
Four blades chop clippings into fine pieces. These clippings do many jobs:

  • . In hot weather the roots of the grass are kept cool.
  • . Moisture is retained in the soil
  • . Weed growth is slowed
  • . The soil is protected and is not washed out during heavy rain.
  • . The composted mulch layer acts as an organic fertiliser
  • . Mulching reduces your working hours and the garden leavings significantly

How To Start With Mulching
The lawn should not have grown too high. Cut the tall grass on the surface with hinged collection bag. Begin mulching the next section. If the lawn has grown too high, for example after a holiday, repeat the cut with a collection bag and start mulching a few days later.

Why compromise on natural growth?
We offer optional mulching kits for almost all of our walk-behind mowers, in addition to the JS Series which are dedicated mulching tools. If you use a walk behind mower with an optional mulching kit, you can rebuild your mower into a collecting machine. Remove the plug and put on the collection bag.

Get Your Mowing Done Faster!
With their specially designed blades and deep dome mower deck, they chop clippings small enough to be returned to the ground.

Automatic choke: Most Select Series models have an automatic choke for faster starts on chilly mornings. The READYSTART® engine system allows for simple starting with the recoil rope.No priming, no choke, no problem!

The JS63V is a dedicated mulching machine which delivers a premium cut without the need to manually dispose of clippings. The highly effective mulching system will save you time and effort.

Variable speed.
The JS63V make it easy to adjust speeds to suit you and your terrain.



850E engine provides power reserve for all daily mowing conditions
Benefits of the Biggs & Stratton® 850E engine include:

  • · Ready Start™ feature: the engine will start after two pulls maximum if regular service was performed. No frustrating repeated pulls of the engine starting cable.
  • · Overhead valve (OHV) technology supports optimal power and reduced fuel demand.
  • · High oil dip stick/fill neck for easy maintenance
  • · Enough power (3,2 kW) to handle all mowing conditions
  • · Good parts and service availability, should it ever be required
  • · With up to 25-degree slope allowance, it suits any application where operators still feel comfortable to mow.

Briggs & Stratton is a trademark of Briggs & Stratton Corporation.

Variable speed allows operating comfortably in all conditions
The variable speed provides a range of speeds that suit both tough and easy-to-handle conditions.

  • · Conveniently located at the handlebar to change speed quickly and easily
  • · Belt clutch on transmission input for smooth engagement
  • · Freewheeling when not engaged to allow pushing and pulling mower easily for trimming
  • · Changing speeds is possible while driving

Dome-shaped steel deck is easy to clean and provides superior cut quality

  • · The 533-mm (21-in.) deck is stamped of 13-gauge (2.28-mm (0.09-in.) steel, with a rolled lip for extra strength.
  • · The mower deck is welded to provide a stronger assembly and eliminate fastener heads on the inside of cutting chamber.
  • · The dome design, combined with a special blade, provides superior cut quality and mulching performance in heavy or damp grass conditions.

· The smooth deck also prevents grass sticking and is easy to clean with broom or scraper.

Consumer mower wheels are long lasting and smooth running

  • · Made of high-impact plastic for long life.
  • · Rim caps keep dirt outside the bearing area and are very easy to clean.
  • · The tread ensures good traction and steering while also reducing buildup of cut grass.
  • · Ball bearings or high-quality bushings ensure minimal push and pull effort.
  • · A small section in the middle of the tread sticks out to provide smooth and silent movement on hard surfaces – especially during initial assembly as well as transporting to and storage.