Japa 700 Firewood Processor

£9,500.00(inc. VAT)

• PTO driven
• 260mm circular saw cutting diameter, 580mm length capacity
• 5.6 ton splitting force
• 3.8m output elevator



Japa was established in 1977 and manufactures agricultural and forestry machinery in Finland. Japa produce a range of firewood processor machines and accessories.

The Japa 700 firewood processor is a tractor PTO driven machine with 700mm tungsten carbide tipped blade. Max 260mm diameter, 580mm length capacity. Once the wood is cut to the desired length it drops into a 5.6 ton splitting chamber where it is pushed through a 2 or 4 way knife. The 3.8m output conveyer then takes the firewood up and into your truck ready for delivery to the customer. This provides uniform sized logs which ensures you maximise your financial return on investment.

Offering safe & fatigue free wood processing.