Japa 365 Basic Firewood Processor

£12,180.00(inc. VAT)

• PTO driven
• 360mm chainsaw cutting diameter
• 7 ton splitting force
• 4.2m output elevato



Japa was established in 1977 and manufactures agricultural and forestry machinery in Finland. Japa produce a range of firewood processor machines and accessories.

The Japa 365 can be run with tractor PTO, electric motor or combustion engine and can be equipped with tyres for legal road use. Hydraulics are optimised for full professional use and allow users to cut and split simultaneously enabling high output and uptime.

The Japa 365 is designed with firewood professionals and their requirements in mind. The in-feed belt is the perfect angle and the log holding device ensures that the log arrives in the correct position and is held securely during cutting resulting in undisturbed cutting and even ends of the wood.

Its firewood length limiter is adjustable and will retract away during the cutting so that the firewood can drop freely into the correct position to the splitting chamber. Chain lubrication works automatically and the separate transparent container for chain oil can be easily changed or filled without the use of tools. The operator can see the amount of the chain oil from the working position. When the active safety guard is open, the operator has easy access to the saw unit for chain and bar maintenance or replacement.