When it comes to maintaining your machinery, there’s no reason to compromise. Let BB ServiceGuard ensure the best reliability and performance all year round. Be in control of cost of ownership with service and maintenance packages tailored to you and your machine.

Regular maintenance is essential in order to prevent downtime, ensure machinery reliability and optimum performance and is key to looking after your investment. Poor maintenance = poor fuel efficiency. Get the most from your machinery and save £s in the process.

Ben Burgess has some of the most specialised engineers in the industry, meaning your machinery is in the best hands. Their knowledge and expertise is second to none; they use genuine parts and lubricants only, have the correct tools and the ability to identify and solve potential future problems.

A maintenance plan is the best way to establish fixed, budgeted repair costs.

Statutory annual inspections mean you stay compliant with legislation, keeping you and your staff safe.

We will keep track of your plan and contact you when your machine is due for maintenance.”

The cost of each plan is specific to you but a maintenance plan provides an extra 10% saving on labour and parts*, making it a cost effective consideration.

A range of flexible payment options are available, for example;

  • Total payment at the start of your plan
  • 6 monthly invoices
  • Monthly payments (non-financed)
The use of genuine parts provide the highest quality parts to maximize your uptime and machine reliability. These parts will be the only ones that are fitted to your machine in your maintenance plan.

We only ever use genuine filters because they have been designed specifically to work with your engine. Inferior copies will always end up costing you more than you save and will be detrimental to engine performance and reliability. You may also find that their use invalidates the manufacturers warranty on your machine. Oil, fuel and air filters prevent harmful particles from entering the engine and help to achieve the best fuel economy. Dirty filters can increase fuel use by up to 5% per filter, so it makes sense to ensure we change your filters as soon as they come to the end of their effective life.

*Discount is not applicable as an extra to current discounts already applied.

BB ServiceGuard Approved

All of our used machinery goes though thorough checks to receive the BB ServiceGuard approval stamp.

The benefits of buying BB ServiceGuard Approved Used Machinery:

  • 37 point check
  • Qualified technicians
  • Genuine parts & lubricants
  • Service history
  • Certificate on handover
  • Increased re-sale value
  • Peace of mind

Visit our used machinery pages to view all our BB ServiceGuard Approved equipment.