Ben Burgess GroundsCare Equipment is the sole importer of CAEB mini balers for the UK and we supply nationwide.

The Mountain Press Mini Round Baler is a unique machine capable of baling wet grass, hay, and other organic materials into a small round bale weighing approximately 22 kg. Each bale is held together by a wrap of net which is 4.1 meters long and takes only three seconds to wrap. In good conditions, up to 80 bales can be produced per hour.

The mini baler requires a self-propelled drive unit with a minimum of 6 kW (8 hp) or a maximum of 12 kW (16 hp). Ben Burgess supply a full range of BCS two-wheeled tractors that are compatible with the mini baler.

The weight from the baler is transferred to the driving wheels, making the machine capable of negotiating rough ground and steep banks. Steering of the front wheels is controlled by a lever, ensuring that the machine is maneuverable in confined spaces.

The bales can be easily stacked for removal from the site.

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