8 key facts about the new John Deere 8R Series

31 October 2019 Industry News Product Updates

With timelines and news feeds full of information on the brand new John Deere 8R & 8RX, we’re giving you 8 key facts that you need to know…

1. Compared to common industry two-track designs, the 8RX is significantly more stable on hillside terrain and performs well on more challenging soil thanks to its self-cleaning ability.

2. The range retain the well-proven 9-litre Power Tech PVS & PSS engines making this series as economical as ever. With the 8R’s new design and less heat exposure, costs of wear and maintenance have been further reduced.

3. The range features a complete cab overhaul; perforated leather trim, heating, active air circulation and a two-zone massage function are only some of the great new features in the state of the art cabs.

4. The new 8R boasts an integrated fridge, a concert hall-style music experience along with Apple CarPlay on the 6.5” DAB+ touchscreen radio in all models, plus a 60% brighter 360 degree LED lighting system.

5. Customer wishes have been granted – the cab now includes a wider entry, lower placed door handles and a self-cancelling indicator. Relocation of the air conditioning unit also assists in providing double heating and cooling capacity.

6. The pioneering AutoTrac steering system with an integrated StarFire 6000 and Wireless Data Transfer to the John Deere Operations Centre provided free of charge for five years. Field boundaries, guidance lines, set up data and more can all be managed quickly and securely from online.

7. The brand new revolutionary AutoSetup system – making it possible to download all field, machine and implement data required for individual jobs directly to the tractor.

8. JDLink telematics – choose to have your tractor monitored to ensure maximum uptime with Expert Alerts! Potential machine damage can be predicted and the likelihood of expensive repairs can be reduced or completely avoided.

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