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Crop Storage

Crop Storage

The Ben Burgess crop storage department focus on the handling, processing and storage of harvested crops.

A complete service is offered to the farmer, from initial advice on any aspect of crop handling and storage, through to the design, supply and installation of complete intake, drying, dressing and storage plants. This service includes site C.D.M. regulations, works and electrical wiring.

The crop storage department have developed and patented the BB Vent-a-Floor, a reinforced concrete drive over drying floor, for use in new or existing buildings. This can be combined with a centre tunnel, stirrer and modulating gas burner to provide an efficient drying system for modern storage requirements.

We keep a large stock of spare parts for many leading makes of handling equipment, together with ducting fittings and hoppers manufactured by our sheet metal works company, F.C. Walker. Also stocked are low volume ventilation fans, pedestals, moisture meters and grain store monitoring equipment for use to comply with A.C.C.S. regulations.

The after care support provided by the crop storage department includes a dedicated team of fully trained technicians who service all types of grain plants, driers, gas burners, moisture meters and all associated grain store machinery.

Bloomfield Installations has strengthened the crop storage department's fabrication facilities and stocks of used and re-conditioned grain handling equipment. For more information please visit the Bloomfield Installations microsite.

Services available

    • Complete crop storage plant design, construction, supervision and maintenance
    • Grain storage buildings
    • BB Vent-a-Floor reinforced concrete 'drive-over' drying floor
    • BB Damping Worm - raising grain moisture
    • Grain driers
    • Belt and bucket elevators
    • Chain and flight conveyors and angleveyors
    • Lorry loading hoppers
    • Building main air tunnels in steel or timber
    • Grain stirrers for buildings and silos
    • Modulating gas burners
    • Axial and centrifugal fan units
    • Grain storage silos
    • Hopper bottom silos
    • Timber drive over drying floors
    • Low volume ventilation fans and pedestals
    • Moisture meters and grain store monitoring equipment

Our suppliers of specialist equipment are Martin Lishman.