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Ben Burgess

Ben Burgess Environmental & Social Policy 2017 / 2018

Company Statement & Commitment

The Company is committed to:

  • Complying with and exceeding where possible all regulations and requirements concerning our environmental duties
  • Endeavour to continually monitor and improve our environmental performance
  • Endeavour to improve and monitor our environmental impact
  • Place importance of environmental matters into business decisions
  • Strive to continually improve employee awareness of environmental affecting factors through communication and training


  • We minimise the use of paper in the office by using duplex printers and our electronic document store instead of paper filing, only printing documents when absolutely necessary
  • We reduce and re-use our packaging materials
  • We actively seek to find like-minded suppliers with the same environmental ethic as ourselves

Office supplies

  • We continuously endeavour to find environmentally friendly alternatives to our needs
  • We fully review the environmental impact of products we intend to buy
  • We closely monitor useage of our photocopiers and ensure all models are the most efficient available, replacing them on a regular basis
  • We ascertain the source of manufacture
  • Each office contains a recycling bin and a waste bin to ensure as much everyday rubbish such as paper, cardboard, bottles, cans etc., is recycled as possible
  • Empty ink and toner cartridges are recycled
  • In accordance with WEEE Regulations all end-of-life computers and other IT equipment are recycled


  • We currently recycle produced used oil to power our heating throughout our company premises
  • We closely monitor gas and heating oil use
  • We use fluorescent tubes which are more energy efficient than normal light bulbs
  • Light and electrical equipment is switched off when not in use
  • Energy consumption of products is always evaluated prior to our purchasing decisions
  • Our main franchise John Deere is the supplier of the most fuel efficient tractors in most cases
  • We promote and support new environmental alternatives to improve the efficiency and decrease emissions of the machinery we sell
  • We continuously encourage our customers to maintain their machinery and equipment to ensure it runs as efficiently as possible creating the least environmental impact as possible
  • We are a pioneering dealer of FarmSight & Precision Farming equipment; key efficiency benefits of which are lower fuel use and less fertiliser input


  • Our trading division Greencrop specialises in the intelligent use of water for farming needs, manufacturing products in the UK
  • Pressure washers and hoses are used only when necessary

Local sourcing

  • We source all of our supplies locally wherever possible, including locally sourced produce for catering at events
  • We support local businesses by using them as suppliers for office equipment and printing etc.


  • We look to reduce all non-essential travel by encouraging car and van sharing, as well as strategically planning our lorry drop offs and collections
  • We ensure vehicles purchased have the lowest emissions possible
  • We closely monitor vehicle mileage and publish mpg figures monthly

Maintenance and cleaning

  • We endeavour to purchase the most environmentally friendly products available
  • We evaluate any potential risks to the environment prior to purchasing new products
  • Machines that are cleaned within our premises will be cleaned with the correct fluids in the correct area to allow the waste to be filtered into our trapment areas 
  • Waste oil is dealt with in a designated area and transferred in accordance with strict protocol

Storage removal and handling of hazardous product

  • All hazardous products are stored in appropriate bunded areas
  • All hazardous material is only disposed of by trained, competent persons
  • We are committed to use only registered companies to handle our waste in accordance with current legislation

Social responsibility

  • We constantly strive to provide a safe and hygienic working environment at all times for staff and visitors
  • The right of freedom of association is respected and encouraged
  • We support local agricultural colleges and organisations by regularly delivering talks in class sessions and provide more than 60 work experience placements for students each year
  • One of our key aims is to develop young technicians by providing quality specialist training through our Apprentice Scheme
  • The Company makes regular donations to local charities
  • Through our internal consultancy service we promote best practice and understanding of Health & Safety requirements to all customers

Monitoring and improvement

  • Waste movement is recorded with the view to attaining the Government’s target of 60% recycling aim
  • Waste movement is recorded so that the carbon footprint is reduced and the destination of waste is known
  • Waste streams are reviewed on a regular basis with a view that constant improvement can be achieved
  • Quarterly reports on our progression and any arising issues are submitted to the Directors of the Company

Peter Baker (N.E.B.O.S.H. Certificate) -  Health, Safety and Environmental Officer BB Risk Services