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Changes to the use of red diesel in mobile off-road machinery

As you may well know from the 1st January 2011 it has been illegal to use conventional (sulphur rich) red diesel in mobile-off road machinery.

To comply with this legislation fuel suppliers have now made available ‘Ultra Low Sulphur Red Diesel’. We know that the composition of this fuel can vary, even though there are only 2 recognised standards, EN590 and BS2869:2010.

Ben Burgess highly recommends that you only use fuel that meets the EN590 standard in all John Deere engines both old and new. Until such time as the composition of these new fuels is standardised we strongly advise you to add a supplementary fuel conditioner to every litre of fuel you buy. Suitable fuel conditioners can be purchased from any Ben Burgess parts department.

Furthermore Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel can contain up to 7% Bio Fuel. This in mind extra precautions need to be taken when storing this product.

If you require any further information or advice please do not hesitate to contact any of our Agricultural Service Managers.

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