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NSTS Sprayer Testing

Sprayer Testing (NSTS)

National Sprayer Testing scheme

Ben Burgess are registered with the National Sprayer Testing Scheme.

The test covers all types of liquid and granular application machinery and satisfies the requirements of crop assurance schemes and grower protocols.

What are the benefits of testing your sprayer?

There are two main benefits:

Firstly, it ensures maximum efficiency of your sprayer, reduces costly downtime, aids traceability and increases second hand value. The cost of replacing worn jets that deliver only 5% more than the recommended rate is readily recovered in agrochemical savings and improved efficiency resulting from better and more consistent spray quality.

Secondly, a valid certificate provides evidence to your clients, crop assurance organisations and the general public of your commitment to keep your machines in sound, well-serviced condition.

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Ben Burgess
Ben Burgess

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