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Welcome to Ben Burgess FarmSight - the unique combination of machines, intelligent technologies and dedicated services.

What is FarmSight?



Guidance, or GreenStar as we know it, is one of the two key physical components that make up FarmSight. Utilising one of our range of correction signals, GreenStar provides the accurate mapping and data collection which is the vital “fodder” required for Agronomic Support.

Telematics or JDLink is the all important second key physical component of FarmSight.
JDLink enables you and us to monitor the activity and efficiency of your fleet. This allows you to be logistically smart with your machines, increasing your productivity as well as saving you time and inconvenience.

Maximum Uptime, the fundamental requirement from your machines, is minimised by BB ServiceGuard, the third key component of FarmSight.
Our maintenance department uses JDLink data from your machine to create a bespoke interactive BB ServiceGuard maintenance plan. This not only ensures your fleet is maintained using genuine parts and highly trained technicians but also makes us responsible for knowing when your service is due. Additionally, any information codes generated by the machine are monitored by us. All of which allow you to enjoy maximum Uptime.
Optimisation is our value added service which combines our FarmSight specialists’ knowledge and data from your machine’s guidance and telematics systems to ensure it is operating at its full potential.

The final key FarmSight component, Agronomic Support, is the provision and utilisation of all data collected by your machine’s GreenStar and JDLink. This is managed by our FarmSight specialists via our unique web portal MyJohnDeere.com to either directly produce agronomic prescriptions or to direct the data to your farm business software (e.g. GateKeeper) for you or your professional adviser to work with.

Ben Burgess FarmSight Packages

With the purchase of a new connected John Deere tractor, combine, sprayer or forage harvester, you will receive a Basic FarmSight Package free of charge for 12 months. Your package will be tailored to your machine and will include support for all four key components of FarmSight.

As soon as your machine is delivered, your local FarmSight specialist will contact you to discuss what’s included in your package and will begin your free support as soon as you’re ready.

For further information, please contact your Ben Burgess FarmSight specialist.

The latest FarmSight news...


John Deere have officially launched their new mobile management application software to the UK market. Farm managers and operators can now benefit from simpler day-to-day management as the app allows you to schedule, send and monitor jobs whether you’re in the office or in the cab. The app is:

- An easy and solid communication tool

- Provides seamless report sharing and quicker invoicing

- Allows enhanced machine utilisation and business productivity

The app is available on iPad and iPhone. For more details on MyJobs Packages, please contact your local FarmSight specialist.


John Deere’s investment in software programmers has seen them compete with organisations as large as Google. With this investment, we are seeing more and more new products released.

Along with the development of new technologies, John Deere are continuing to update and improve the existing ones. MyJohnDeere.com receives new updates every week. The site has recently seen a new notification bar to inform users of upgraded information, following a much improved re-design last year!

FarmSight Certificate of Excellence

We are one of the first John Deere dealerships to be awarded the 3.0 FarmSight Certificate of Excellence! The award is for providing FarmSight packages for connected John Deere machines using GreenStar and JDLink equipment, and providing an RTK correction service from BB RTK.
Congratulations to our team!

Meet the new John Deere StarFire 6000 Receiver

The StarFire 6000 is John Deere's new generation receiver, uniting leading edge receiver technology and yet again defining a new standard of ultimate accuracy and signal stability.

The StarFire 6000 works seamlessly with all accuracy levels and John Deere guidance systems. Second to none, the StarFire 6000 inherited the field proven Terrain Compensation Module (TCM) to automatically compensate roll, pitch and yaw of the vehicle, while GLONASS compatibility remains in base. SF1 accuracy has further improved, being far superior to EGNOS and continues to be free of charge.

Introducing “Triple StarFire Accuracy”, the new SF3 correction signal with “In-Season-Repeatability” and up to four times quicker pull-in time, as well as further enhanced RTK solutions such as 14-days of “RTK Extend”, the StarFire 6000 receiver already today is ready to compete with the future.

Last but not least, to provide you peace of mind, the StarFire 6000 is now also available with a locking device.

For further information, please contact your Ben Burgess FarmSight specialist.


BB RTK - bringing you +/-2cm accuracy in the field

Ben Burgess introduced the BB RTK network in July 2012. Since then signal coverage has expanded to cover a very large area of the UK. Please visit the BB RTK webpage for further information or contact your Ben Burgess FarmSight specialist.

Ben Burgess
Ben Burgess

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