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Take a look at the Ben Burgess GoHarvest John Deere Combine Training Videos; short training video clips designed to assist combine operators with set up procedures.


FarmSight Certificate of Excellence

We are one of the first John Deere dealerships to be awarded the 3.0 FarmSight Certificate of Excellence for providing customer support packages for John Deere GreenStar equipment and an RTK correction service from BB RTK.
Congratulations to our FarmSight team!

Introducing the new John Deere StarFire 6000 Receiver

The StarFire 6000 is John Deere's new generation receiver, uniting leading edge receiver technology and yet again defining a new standard of ultimate accuracy and signal stability.

The StarFire 6000 works seamlessly with all accuracy levels and John Deere guidance systems. Second to none the StarFire 6000 inherited the field proven Terrain Compensation Module (TCM) to automatically compensate roll, pitch and yaw of the vehicle, while GLONASS compatibility remains in base. SF1 accuracy has further improved, being far superior to EGNOS and continues to be free of charge.

Introducing “Triple StarFire Accuracy”, the new SF3 correction signal with “In-Season-Repeatability” and up to four times quicker pull-in time, as well as further enhanced RTK solutions such as 14-days of “RTK Extend”, the StarFire 6000 receiver already today is ready to compete with the future.

Last but not least, to provide you peace of mind, the StarFire 6000 is now also available with a locking device.

For further information, please contact Carl Pitelen, Peter Roffe, Tom Fisher or Bradley Lawrence or visit John Deere UK.


Ben Burgess offers full support for John Deere's Agricultural Management Solutions (AMS). For more information, please contact us on +44 (0)1603 628251 or email

AMS covers a range of innovative products and systems designed to help customers make better business decisions and run their farming operations more productively and profitably.

Production Management
Equipment Management
Agronomic and Information Services
Business Management

AMS is designed to provide customers with the ability to collect, interpret, distribute and apply such information on farm, resulting in improved financial returns. Benefits of the system include better agronomic management, increased accuracy of operations and more efficient use of equipment.

John Deere FarmSight

John Deere FarmSight gives you deeper insights into your business that were not possible until now. It enables individual remote monitoring of machines to ensure preventative maintenance, optimisation for fuel consumption and output performance, as well as giving you new, more detailed agronomic information for better decision-making.

 John Deere FarmSight - A Farmers Perspective:



BB RTK - bringing you +/-2cm accuracy in the field

Ben Burgess introduced the BB RTK network in July 2012. Since then signal coverage has expanded to cover all of East Anglia. Please visit the BB RTK webpage for further information.

Find out more at StellarSupport.


JDLink is John Deere’s telematics system connecting all make/model machines in the field through transmitting data via cellular network. JDLink allows you to track your machines and applications wherever you have an internet connection from your computer, tablet or smart phone enabling customers to keep track of their fleets, monitor work progress, manage logistics, access important machine information, analyse and optimise machine performance, receive SMS or email alerts, perform remote operator support and automate data exchange.

John Deere offer two JDLink package levels; JDLink Access or JDLink Connect.

JDLink Access For all John Deere and Non-John Deere machines essential capabilities provided include;
Monitor machine location and work progress via location history
View essential information like machine hours
Set up curfew alerts
Geofence individual machines
Plan machine maintenance

John Deere CAN-data tracking enabled machines provide additional benefits, such as;
Remote diagnostics and tracking capabilities as well as over-the-air software updates
Maintenance schedule alerts for John Deere machines
Remotely view and compare machine settings, performance, and other important information such as fuel tank level, consumption, idle time, AutoTrac utilisation and overall performance and operational efficiency

JDLink Connect Additionally provides you with;
Remote Display Access (RDA) and Wireless Data Transfer (WDT) to the JDLink Access features mentioned above.
RDA enables farm manager, dealers and other ISOBUS manufacturers to remotely view and assist operators with machine setup.
WDT alleviates time-consuming and inconvenient manual data transfer actions via USB sticks and enables seamless remote exchange of data.

With your permission, Ben Burgess can also use the JDLink infrastructure for additional monitoring services such as Service Advisor Remote.

Increase productivity with John Deere Wireless Data Transfer (WDT)

John Deere Wireless Data Transfer enables automatic data transfer between your GreenStar 3 2630 display in the cab and Time consuming manual transfers with an USB flash drive are a thing of the past; eliminating risk of data loss, saving you time and making documentation easy.

Once a field is finished, data such as yield maps or as applied maps can be automatically transferred to your You can also set up files or prescription maps for your machines and send to the cab, ensuring your operators are ready to start the next job and making the documentation process quicker and simpler.

WDT requires JDLink Select or JDLink Ultimate and Remote Display Access (RDA) subscription. Hardware comes as standard (activation required) in John Deere 7R, 8R and 9R series machines, plus John Deere combines, SPFH machines and the new R4040i self-propelled sprayer. Hardware is available as an option with the John Deere 6R series and also non-compatible machines.

Increase efficiency with John Deere Remote Display Access (RDA)

John Deere RDA utilises the JDLink infrastructure so that we can work with you to establish a live connection to the GreenStar 2630 display in the cab.

This allows you or your GreenStar Advisor to advise your operators immediately of adjustments that will improve their efficiency, and your profitability. Using John Deere RDA will optimise the operation of your tractors, combines, forage harvesters and sprayers, as well as maximise machine uptime, making full use of available precision farming applications.

For further information, please contact your local FarmSight Specialist.

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