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CESAR Datatag

CESAR Datatag

Ben Burgess provides secure Datatag markings throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire. The CESAR system offers the ultimate in theft deterrence for large assets on your farm using the Datatag security marking.

Contact Jimmy Lockhart on 01603 628251 for further information and to secure your machinery.

Why should you invest in CESAR?

CESAR is proven to work. CESAR registered machines are six times more likely to be recovered if stolen and four times less likely to be stolen in the first place.

CESAR does not charge machine owners and insurance companies for recovery, unlike some other schemes.

CESAR registration qualifies a machine for insurance premium discounts and/or lower insurance excesses from all the leading insurance companies - NFU Mutual give 12.5%.

CESAR is widely supported in construction and agriculture and adopted by many leading manufacturers, trade organisations, and the police.

CESAR is the only official and ACPO approved security and registration scheme for plant and equipment.

CESAR provides lifetime protection, for a machine, with no subscription or annual fees.

CESAR uses Datatag hi tech security markings to give each machine a unique 'fingerprint' which is impossible to remove.

CESAR helps the police by providing a means of positively identifying a machine and by providing information through the police national computer 24/7.

CESAR helps reduce costs for machine owners and operators, insurance providers, and finance and leasing companies.